What Do The Obamas Believe About Americans?

In this video Michelle Obama presumes to scold people she doesn’t know for not talking to each other, “…because sometimes it’s easier to hold on to stereotypes and misconceptions that make you feel justified in your ignorance – that’s America” That’s America? We Americans are all the same and all feel justified in our ignorance? […]

Does This Look Familiar?

Following is an excerpt from “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:” Narcissistic Personality Disorder “The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder revolve around a pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and sense of entitlement. Often individuals feel overly important and will exaggerate achievements and will accept, and often demand, praise and admiration despite worthy […]

Hillary’s Distraction

Please! Stop talking about imaginary snipers in Bosnia and get back to the important issue: Reverend Wright!

What Would Obama Do? Part II

In his “major speech on Iraq” last week Senator Obama, for the thousandth time, boasted that he was opposed to the Iraq operation form the beginning because, “…there was no hard evidence that Iraq had those stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, [and] “There was not any evidence that Iraq was responsible for the attacks […]

Hillary “Misspoke,” Again

Obama’s Distraction

Update: The State Department has just disclosed that the passport applications of both Hillary Clinton and John McCain have also been accessed by unauthorized contract employees. The Obama campaign, anxious to divert attention from the Senator’s bombastic Pastor, is making the most of what appears to be a minor incident. It seems that the government […]

What Would Obama Do?

If elected President, Obama will have to make serious decisions based on less than complete information. How will he decide?

Does Obama respect American voters?

Senator Obama delivered a “major speech” this morning. Yesterday the campaign announced that this speech would be the final response and would answer all questions regarding the opinions of Reverend Wright. On Sunday Obama had appeared on several TV networks to answer questions about his Pastor’s Anti-American invective. On Fox News he said that in […]

McCain Challenges Obama on Iraq

It is of little use to Americans for their candidates to avoid the many complex challenges of these struggles by re-litigating decisions of the past. I will defend the decision to destroy Saddam Hussein’s regime…Americans know that the next President doesn’t get to re-make that decision.