ObamaCare’s Vanishng Small Business Tax Credit

Since the Administration’s earliest efforts to persuade America that ObamaCare will do more good than harm, one of the most hyped selling points has been “small business tax credits.” This is the second of four articles comparing the promises in the President’s 2009 speech with the reality of ObamaCare implementation.  The first is here. In […]

ObamaCare: 2009 Promises Vs 2014 Reality

On September 9, 2009 the House and Senate Democratic leadership called a joint session of Congress so President Obama could appear on prime time TV, under the most favorable possible conditions, to sell their “health care reform,” what is now called Obamacare.  To impress the TV audience Mr. Obama entered the hall with State of […]

No Thumbs Up for the July Jobs Report

Historic deterioration of the labor market makes monthly jobs numbers meaningless. The unemployment rate is misleading because millions of jobless people are not counted.  The number-of-jobs-created headline is misleading because of an unprecedented increase in part time employment.  When the latest jobs report was published the White House guided headline writers with this spin from […]

Stubborn Refusal to Acknowledge Economic Reality

The Commerce Department has issued its Economic report for the second quarter.  Gross Domestic Product or GDP increased by an anemic 1.7%.  First quarter GDP, which had already been revised downward from the initially reported 2.5% to 1.8% was further downgraded to 1.1%. Over at the White House web site Alan Kruger, the President’s chief […]