Obamacare Could Still Crash in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court announced that it would review and determine the legality of a key Obamacare regulation, written by the IRS.  Through this regulation the IRS empowered itself to give subsidies in the form of tax credits to people who buy ObamaCare health insurance policies from healthcare.gov, the federal government’s health insurance exchange. Back in […]

ObamaCare: Consequences of Political Choices

The Supreme Court rules that the government can’t make you buy something, but it can punish you if you don’t. The Supreme Court has issued its odious ruling that OamaCare’s individual mandate, the legislative decree that all individuals shall purchase a government approved health insurance plan, complies with the Constitution.  This ruling could well be […]

Supreme Court Smacks Down Arrogant Union

In Knox Vs The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) the Supreme Court rebuked the fiercely partisan union for violating the free speech rights of non-members.  The ruling diminished the political power of government employee unions, and the Justices appeared to be offering to further diminish that power whenever someone brings them a relevant case. As […]

Obama’s Version is Not Your Father’s Constitution

Since the President and the Democrats kicked off the healthcare debate in early 2009 the political left and the establishment media have sneered dismissively at those of us who insisted the Constitution did not authorize Congress or the Executive to assume the new powers in ObamaCare. We won’t know for sure until June, but based […]

ObamaCare Vs The Constitution (2)

From the very beginning, the ObamaCare arguments before the Supreme Court were a lesson in the folly of ignoring the wisdom of our Constitution, a charter for a government with just a few, limited, enumerated powers.  Solicitor General Verrilli, whose unenviable assignment was to defend ObamaCare opened things up: “The Affordable Care Act addresses a […]

ObamaCare Vs The Constitution at the Supreme Court

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Constitutionality of the ObamaCare individual mandate.  It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the significance of this case to the future of liberty in America. If the Court upholds ObamaCare it will have struck down America’s most fundamental, founding principle, that the power of government must be […]

ObamaCare Ruling Will Either Restore or Destroy Liberty

If the Supreme Court rules that the ObamaCare individual mandate is permitted by the Constitution the consequences for individual liberty and the future of America will be catastrophic.  If the court strikes down the individual mandate future Congresses will be on notice that there are still limits to government’s power over the people. The Court […]

The Questions Elena Kagan Must Answer

Does the Constitution impose ANY limits on federal power to intervene, regulate or control The People’s personal lives or business activities?  If so, where in the Constitution does a Supreme Court Justice find those limits? These are the questions Senators on the Judiciary Committee should ask Elena Kagan as her Confirmation hearing continues today. Even […]

Court Rules In Favor of Gun Ownership Rights

On Monday the Supreme Court published its second landmark Second Amendment, gun rights decision in modern times.  The news is good, both for individual rights and for the Constitution. Two years ago this week the Court debunked what had been, for nearly a century, the prevailing legal interpretation of the Second Amendment.  This interpretation, a […]

Supreme Court: Which Obama Do You Believe?

The Next President is virtually certain to be called upon to appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices.  Barack Obama has dramatically contradicted himself on the type of Justices he would appoint. The Doctrinaire Senator Obama has often criticized Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Scalia, Roberts and Alito as “the wrong kind of judges for the […]

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