Keynesian Economic Theory is Now a Proven Hoax

Government economists issued their quarterly GDP report Friday confirming again that the largest and most aggressive test of Keynesian stimulus theory ever tried has failed. The promised economic growth, prosperity and jobs have not materialized.  Instead, this recovery from recession has significantly underperformed compared to previous recoveries when government’s strategy was greater liberty rather than […]

Another Dumbed Down White House Econ Lesson

Austin Goolsbee, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers appears in another, white board video at the White House web site,  this time talking down to us about jobs.  (Commentary on his first video is here.) The purpose of Goolsbee’s presentation is to persuade us that the failure of the Obama stimulus to […]

“No Success in any kind of business”

Megan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain has never run a business and has no accomplishment of note except promoting herself to the media, who are willing to give her a microphone because her because her opinions often conflict with her father’s positions.  In an appearance on “This Week” she made this declaration: Christine O’Donnell […]

Deceptive Claim from Obama & The Democrats

President Obama and his defenders have kicked off a new talking point in the final days of the campaign to persuade us that current government policies are better for job creation than Bush era policies, and higher tax rates will result in more jobs than the Bush tax rates.  The talking point is: More private […]

NPR Fires Juan Williams. Who’s Intolerant?

One of the most often repeated leftist/progressive chants is that conservatives in general and Fox News in particular are “intolerant” of diverse points of view.  But… NPR did provide a microphone to Juan Williams because his point of view was in compliance with that network’s leftist/progressive ideology. Then, NPR managers fired Williams to punish him […]

Obama: GOP Voters Scared & Not Thinking Clearly

It appears that voters are about to repudiate the Obama agenda and Democrats will likely lose control of the House and maybe the Senate as well.  Speaking to a small audience of wealthy donors in Massachusetts the President called forth standard leftist/progressive doctrine to explain why his party will suffer losses on November 2: And […]

Dumbed Down Econ Lesson from the White House

Austin Goolsbee, Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, appears in a video on the White House website to deliver a witless, condescending tutorial on taxes.   It’s condescending toward you,  the productive people who actually do the work, take the risks, and invest the capital that generates the taxable wages, taxable profits, and […]

Obama Kept His Promise: No More Bush Deficits

A Final, Pre-Election Review of ObamaNomics (3) On Friday the Treasury Department published it’s final report for the government’s 2010 fiscal year, ending September 30. During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama denounced the Bush Administration every day for “irresponsible deficits.”  This message resonated with many Republican voters and with the people who are now Teaparty […]

Judge Issues Encouraging ObamaCare Ruling

Back in March, right after President Obama signed the the 2,700 page beast affectionately known as ObamaCare into law, a group of State Attorney’s General, led by Florida AG Bill McCollum filed a law suit in Federal C0urt seeking to have the act declared Unconstitutional.  The Obama Administration responded by filing a motion with the […]

Obama Admits: No Such Thing As Shovel-Ready

Mr. President, we told you so 20 months ago. After interviewing President Obama the New York Times reports that he “realized too late” that, quoting the President: There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects. In February, 2009 four days after Congress voted to pass the giant Obama stimulus, that we were told would employ millions […]

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