Critical Issue the Sex Obsessed Media Ignores

One debate question was an obvious setup to favor the Clinton campaign because it was based on an unproved assumption that is at the central feature of her campaign

The Disconnect: Obama’s Talk Vs His Budget

President Obama has invented a new name one of Washington’s most enduring deceptions, the promise of spending cuts in return for tax increases.  He calls it his “balanced approach.”  As always the tax increases are real and immediate while the spending cuts turn out to be illusory. The President wants to rescind the Sequester spending […]

Fiscal Cliff and Democrats’ Contempt for Voters

The corrupt, profligate spenders won. The media cheered, The People lost. The President and his media allies didn’t talk much about why America faced the so-called fiscal cliff.  This chart shows why there is such acrimony in Congress. It took 22 years, from 1986 to 2008 for government debt owed to the public to rise […]

Obama’s New Years Eve Duplicity

President Obama decided that New Years Eve, as the Senate was considering the fiscal cliff bill, would be a good time to mock Republican voters and the Representatives they elected.  So he organized a campaign style rally complete with a cheering audience of White House staffers.  He claimed the purpose of this media event was […]

Deficit Flim Flam: Claim Cuts But Spend More

Much of the political-media establishment’s “information” about massive government deficits and fiscal cliff negotiations is deception made possible by the arcane budgeting process in Congress.  President Obama didn’t invent the process.  But he’s an enthusiastic practitioner of the deception. [continued below the chart]While most of the “news” bout fiscal cliff negotiations has been about tax […]

It’s The Spending, Stupid

During weeks of post-election campaigning and economic debate in Washington the political-media establishment has simply ignored the the real cause of the government’s monstrous deficits and rapidly growing debt. After years of refusing to deal with relentless growth in federal spending Congress and the President have dragged us to the Fiscal Cliff, a nickname for […]

Ask Obama Who’s Not “Doing Their Fair Share”

In a rational world a President would honor these people as economic heroes who do far more than their “fair share.” This week the Obama campaign transitions from gay marriage to placing blame for the looming government debt crisis on the only people who are doing anything to alleviate it.  He continues to insist that […]

Obama’s Class Envy Vs Economic Reality (1)

President Obama’s reelection campaign is largely an effort to influence people who don’t pay much attention to politics.  If you visit sites like this one you are probably more interested and better informed than the Obama campaign’s target audience. The President’s call for tax increases on high income earners is a good example.  It’s an […]

Can The Rich Afford Obama’s Fair Share?

Since President Obama wants you to believe that the wealthy paying a “fair share” is the key to balancing the budget and funding all his big government dreams, here’s a what-if exercise that puts his demagoguery in perspective. What if the government could simply seize all the wealth of the nine richest people in America?  […]

Did Jesus Say a 35% Top Tax Bracket is Too Low?

President Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to attempt to persuade Christians and Jews that our beliefs obligate us to support his politics and the godless religion of progressivism with its irrational faith in the power of large, bureaucratic, administrative government to make the people better. After briefly acknowledging the benefits of “turning to our […]

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