Trump Thinks His Followers Are Idiots

A President’s character and integrity matters. A lot. Thus it’s a big deal when a Presidential candidate is caught in an blatant attempt to deceive his own supporters.  It seems that Donald Trump is still nursing a grudge against Moderator Megyn Kelly whose offense was asking him one difficult question in the first Fox News […]

Trump’s Birther Scam Against Cruz

Nothing in the Constitution or the law supports Donald Trump’s accusation that Ted Cruz is disqualified by birth from the Presidency.

The Last Public Appearance by Dr. King

Below are excerpts from Dr. Maritn Luther King’s last speech, given in Memphis on April 3. 1968.  The following day he was assassinated.  First, Dr. King’s narrative of a previous attempt to take his life I want to thank God, once more, for allowing me to be here with you. You know, several years ago, […]

Dems’ War On The 1% Wounds The Middle Class

Our previous article used recent data from the IRS to debunk claims by Democrat party candidates that the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share” of income tax.  We also exposed some of the harm done to the middle class when Democrats encourage and nurture rage and resentment toward high income taxpayers, most of whom are […]

Democrats’ Ugly War On Small Business

In the 2016 Presidential race Democrats are plowing the same old ground. There has been almost no media exposure of the Democrats’ most recent debate, but resentment and loathing of men and women who are and always have been the heroes of the American economy, was a prominent theme.