Tragedy of The Obama Presidency In One Chart

The chart compares  GDP growth in recent quarters with the first ten quarters of the decade of strong economic growth, prosperity and job creation that began after President Reagan’s 1982 tax cuts and deregulation initiatives. In the forth quarter (October, November, December) of 2011 Gross Domestic Product, the value of all the goods and services […]

Reality Contradicts Obama’s Lazy Fantasies

President Obama opened his angry campaign speech State of The Union message with a brief recap of events in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a prelude to cynically self-serving praise of the troops. These achievements are a testament to the courage, selflessness, and teamwork of America’s Armed Forces. At a time when too many of our […]

State of The Union Flim Flam

Since the beginning of his campaign in 2007 President Obama, always looking for an excuse for a tax increase, has blamed government deficits on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, claiming the were “not paid for.” But he apparently changed his position in his State of the Union address. The government has run deficits every year […]

State of the Union: Dispirited and Anxious

As a public service Liberty Works offers this State of the Union Score Card, a reality check when the President begins to tell America how fortunate we are to be under his authoritarian command “leadership.” When President Obama steps up to the State of the Union teleprompter Tuesday evening his challenge will be obvious: Try […]

Obama Kills Keystone, The Safest Pipeline in America

President Obama announced that he will use the power of the Presidency to prevent construction of a pipeline that would carry Canadian crude oil to American refineries in Texas and Oklahoma, even though it would create tens of thousands of jobs, lower energy costs and would be the safest such pipeline ever constructed in America. […]

Newt’s Attack on Bain Supports Obama’s Class War

I’ve admired and supported Newt Gingrich for decades.   I certainly did not want to publish this criticism.  But to ignore his attack on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital would be to diminish the credibility of this website.  So, here goes. Considering the sum total of Gingrich’s life, he has done more than almost any […]

Obama’s Fraudulent Unemployment Rate

Hours after the monthly jobs report was published President Obama was gloating before the cameras.  Unemployment had declined from 8.7% in November to 8.5% in December.  The media herd was gleefully stampeding to a revised narrative:  The economy has improved, boosting the reelection prospects of Barack Obama, the man with no credentials or relevant experience […]

Obama Proves Keynes Was Wrong

Columnist Paul Krugman is the theologian of the progressive movement, providing a patina of academic legitimacy to economic policies with fancy names that simply seize income and resources from some citizens in order to transfer them to others.   Krugman published a column on New Years Eve called “Keynes Was Right” wherein he argues – […]