Obama’s Inert Economy

Desperate to make his case for reelection President Obama continuously reminds us that he began his term with an inherited recession.   If he does win the election his second term may well start with an inherited recession. Little noticed by the establishment media, the Commerce Department revised it’s estimate of second quarter economic growth downward […]

Obama’s Deficit Excuses are Preposterous

President Obama’s canned explanation for his enormous deficits is so ridiculous, so ludicrous, the so-called fact checkers of the establishment media would be spraying Pinocchios with a fire hose if he were a Republican. [Continued below the chart] A genuine explanation for the deficits would have to include thousands of spending line items, with entitlements […]

Help The President Remember The Debt

The following exchange took place when President Obama appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman: Letterman: I watched the Republican convention and they had the debt clock…and it’s several trillion dollars.  Do you remember what that number was?  Was it ten trillion dollars?  President Obama: I don’t remember what the number was precisely… Letterman […]

How Mitt Romney Can Talk About Dependency

A lot of angry tweets and emails were hurled our way by Conservatives after my previous post regarding the infamous “47% video” of Romney’s fund raiser.  Most of them expressed the same sentiments: Romney’s right!  There are way too many people receiving subsidies and not paying income tax.  I agree.  But That’s not what Romney […]

The 47% “Secret Video” Revives Troubling Doubts

Mother Jones came to President Obama’s rescue with an urgently needed distraction from the meltdown of his foreign policy.  A surreptitiously recorded video of Mitt Romney addressing a private dinner meeting of high-end donors back in May includes some controversial remarks.  Predictably, sanctimonious indignation thundered from the establishment media, accusing Romney of arrogant contempt for half […]

Obama’s Gossamer Foreign Policy

Does President Obama really want to persuade voters that a trashy, amateur video obliterated his Mid-East policy? In defiance of common sense the Obama Administration continues to insist that attacks on at least five US embassies on the anniversary of 9-11, including the brutal murder of the US Ambassador to Libya, his two-man security detail […]

Obama’s Only Jobs Boast Is a Jobs Failure

If you’ve heard a campaign speech by President Obama or Vice President Biden or you’ve heard their cheer leaders in the media, you’re familiar with the one employment statistic they bellow at every opportunity: Over the last thirty months we’ve created 4.6 million private sector jobs! They hope voters will think 4.6 million, the net […]

Unemployment Rate Is Much Worse Than It Looks

The September Jobs report published Friday by the labor Department was a deep disappointment. Only 96,000 jobs created in August, a pathetically small number, about a third fewer jobs than the monthly increase in the working age population. President Obama and his supporters, hoping for a positive response from recession weary voters, rushed to the […]

Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Does the President deserve reelection because the 2008-09 recession, like every previous recession in history, ended? On the Today Show Obama Campaign Spokesperson Stephanie Cutter was asked to answer the question the Romney Campaign has been asking voters, are you better off today than you were four years ago?  Ms. Cutter answered, in part: Lets […]

Will Romney Have to Raise Middle Class Taxes?

One of President Obama’s continuous campaign attack lines is the claim that Mitt Romney has, in Obama’s words: …a plan to give trillions in new tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy, a plan that could cost the typical middle class family $2,000 a year. In his convention speech former President Bill Clinton said Romney […]