Too Late: CBO and WaPo Scare Us With Truth

A week after the election the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Washington Post published key economic data that all voters should have seen – that Liberty Works readers did see – before the election. This chart, copied from a November 14 Congressional Budget Office report, appeared November 15 on the Washington Post’s WonkBlog under […]

Cynical Campaign Rhetoric Continues

The President is not yet serious about resolving the Fiscal Cliff crisis he helped create. Due to negligence on the part of President Obama and Senate Democrats, 2011 and 2012 budget and borrowing issues were not resolved.  Instead the President actually signed into law a series of bills that add up to The Fiscal Cliff […]

Politics Vs Economic Principles

At his news conference Wednesday President Obama insisted on tax increases for “the wealthy” a strategy that directly targets small and medium sized businesses that are most likely to create jobs.  He was reminded by a reporter that he had agreed in 2010 to give up fighting for tax hikes and keep all the Bush […]

The Liberty Works Thanksgiving Day Message

…From the captivating Mrs. BoomerJeff: I have been struggling with losses from this economy for five years.  The California economy began to deteriorate, our small business began to struggle, and our retirement investments began to disappear in 2007.   That summer a wildfire roared through a huge area near our neighborhood leaving lots of black stubble […]

By Any Standard Obama’s Jobs Record Fails

President Obama and his media supporters tell us his jobs policies are a success and thus he deserved reelection.   But measured against either the historical record or the standard set by his own promises and projections his jobs record is a failure.  To put the best spin on the Obama jobs record his campaign and […]

Last Jobs Report Before the Election

Measured by President Obama’s own criteria, his economic initiatives failed.  The November jobs report was released Friday.  The unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 7.9%.  Compared with the President’s predictions and promises this number represents massive failure. As Barack Obama assumed office in January 2009 America was suffering from a severe recession.  Rahm Emanuel, his […]