Power to Corrupt in ObamaCare Fine Print

Warning: this may look like boring, accounting stuff.  But you should resist the temptation to click away.  This could be the most explosive paragraph in the thousand page bill. SEC. 116. ENSURING VALUE AND LOWER PREMIUMS. (a) IN GENERAL.—A qualified health benefits plan (QHBP) shall meet a medical loss ratio as defined by the Commissioner.  […]

The Obama Stimulus to Save Jobs: Progress Report

The $787 Billion Stimulus was enacted by Congress on February 13, after President Obama, Democrat leaders and most of the media declared that massive new borrowing and spending would immediately halt job losses.  Passing the legislation was treated as an emergency.  Congressmen and Senators voted without reading the final version, before it was even printed, […]

The Constitution Disrupts an ObamaCare Town Hall

An Aid to Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill held a town hall meeting in St. Louis to hype ObamaCare.  She got an earful from a rambunctious crowd that was definitely against a government take-over of  health care.  One man, a former soldier was especially articulate in attacking ObamaCare as a direct, violation of The Constitution. The […]

Excerpts from ObamaCare Fine Print (1)

The following excerpt was copied directly from HR 3200, the National Health Care bill that Speaker Pelosi plans to bring to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote, perhaps as soon as Saturday. SEC. 141. Health Choices Administration; Health Choices Commissioner (a) IN GENERAL. – There is hereby established, as an independent […]

Choices: Government Insurance or No Insurance

File this under the President’s most often repeated claim:  “If you like your present health insurance you can keep it – nobody can take it away from you.” We reported last week that existing plans will not last more than a year or two because the insurance company won’t be allowed to make any  changes […]

Alaska’s Heroic Defense of The Constitution

Here at Liberty Works we often point out that the Constitution does not authorize any of President Obama’s initiatives, nor most of the current “programs” the government runs.  It does not authorize any bailouts of any banks or companies.  The Obama stimulus, federal health care takeover, and energy initiative,  are all Unconstitutional. Unfortunately, we’ve come […]

ObamaCare Incompetence

President Obama and ObamaCare fans in Congress have been blanketing the media with claims that they can raise money to pay for a vast new federal health care program by eliminating waste and fraud in Medicare. Congressman John Yarmuth (D – KN) appeared on Fox News to answer questions about how Obama-Care would be funded: […]

Kellie Pickler Honors America’s Heroes

See this four minute Interview of  an American Idol who loves the troops and sports tattoos commemorating her USO tours.

Your Endangered Health Insurance Policy

President Obama has promised so many times most of us have it memorized, that under ObamaCare If you like your present health insurance you can keep it. This promise is deceptive.  No federal bureaucrat will knock on your door and tell you that you must change to a different insurance policy. But that doesn’t mean […]

Live! It’s Obama Night! “I’ll Be Honest With You”

President Obama’s plan for Wednesday night’s press conference was to urge us to support his urgent, health care legislation, some thousand pages of new regulations and new bureaucracies and new federal power.  He wants Congressmen and Senators to treat health care as an emergency, and vote for the legislation immediately, without reading it, or publishing […]

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