Obama, Ayers, Annenberg Challenge – Update 3

This is the third update in our series of reports on our and others’  on-going investigation of The Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a grant program headed by Barack Obama, and Sixties Terrorist William Ayers, purportedly to improve Chicago schools. For background see our previous reports: Barack Obama, William Ayers and The Annenberg Challenge First Update on […]

Another Petty Deception From Obama

In this report last May we exposed deliberately deceptive editing of a video of John McCain’s answer to a voter’s question.  The Democratic National Comittee and The Obama campaign intended to make McCain appear to have said something he did not say. In The Big Speech In The Stadium last week Barack Obama once again […]

Dr. James Dobson Will Vote For McCain-Palin

Dr. James Dobson is founder and leader of Focus On The Family, a Christian organization dedicated to nurturing and defending the institution of the family and promoting biblical truths.  Focus on The Family publishes a wealth of books, videos and other materials primarily about marriage, family, and raising children.  Dr. Dobson has a daily radio […]

John McCain Picks Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President

The afterglow of Barack Obama’s Woodstock-lite convention event abruptly dissolved this morning as John McCain swept the Democrats off the media radar by announcing a surprise choice for his Vice Presidential Running Mate: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Obama, the self-proclaimed Prophet-of-Change and Messiah of “new politics,” had picked a conventional, rabid partisan, Senator Biden, a […]

Obama, Ayers & Annenberg Challenge – Update #2

The Obama Campaign’s reaction to this recent TV ad questioning the Senator’s association with former Weather Underground Terrorist William Ayers has been, to say the least, alarmed. A group called The American Issues Project created the ad, and has placed it for broadcast in several markets.  In response, the Obama Campaign has contacted the U.S. […]

New McCain Ad Uses Democrats to Skewer Obama

Bill Clinton opens, and Obama himself closes, with a convincing argument that he’s not prepared to run for the Presidency. .

Voters Must Elect a Worthy Commander-in-Chief

In this video Barack Obama promises, emphatically, to cut “wasteful spending” by eroding the effectiveness and capability of the US military, including this pledge: I will slow our development of future combat systems. Future Combat Systems (FCS) is the name of a top priority program that is critical to making soldiers more effective and reducing […]

Update: More on Barack Obama and William Ayers

Our previous post, below, discusses Barack Obama’s long association with unrepentant former terrorist and leftist radical William Ayers, including their joint management of a failed Chicago School development program, The Annenberg Challenge. Over at Fox News are portions of a 2004 interview of William Ayers by reporter and author James Rosen, demonstrating that Obama’s mentor […]

Barack Obama, William Ayers & The Annenberg Challenge

In the prologue to his second book Barack Obama wrote what would become the conceptual nucleus of his Presidential campaign. …I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views. Obama organized his Presidential campaign around this […]

What Is Moral Failure in Obama-Speak?

Last week Barack Obama and John McCain took questions at the Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency at Saddleback Church near Los Angeles. This is the fifth in a series examining the candidates’ responses. Pastor Rick Warren asked… What was America’s greatest moral failure? Most Americans would say slavery was the nation’s greatest moral failure. […]

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