ObamaCare Tramples The Constitution

The Constitution once served as a firewall between us and those who would harness government power to control our lives. But the progressives believe an elite few can make us better through massive bureaucratic control.  With a single word, “effect,” progressives empowered themselves to defy Constitutional limits on government power.  They now claim their power […]

I Exist Therefore I Must Pay

We all remember Barack Obama’s early selling points for government supervised health care.  It was all about “helping” the unfortunate folks who were supposedly excluded from health care because they didn’t have an opportunity or the means to acquire health insurance. Well, the Democrats don’t see them as victims any longer.  Now they’re seen as […]

ObamaCare Hype Vs Legislative Fine Print

During his health care hype speech at George Mason University this week President Obama bellowed: If you like your doctor, you’re going to be able to keep your doctor. If you like your plan, keep your plan. I don’t believe we should give government or the insurance companies more control over health care in America. […]

Media Lies About Deem & Pass

Today, we correct a major deception by the Establishment Media. Nancy Pelosi has scheduled the final ObamaCare vote in the House for tomorrow.  She intends to sidestep the Constitutional requirement that the same bill must pass both the House and Senate before becoming law. Pelosi intends to use a legislative strategy being called “Deem and […]

The Chaotic Urgency of Politics

How could anyone believe the chaotic farce under way in Congress could result in improved health care? The debate over ObamaCare would have ended before it began if members of the House and Senate remembered the oath they took to defend the Constitution, which does not authorize the federal government to provide or regulate health […]

Alarm Signals Flashing From a Vulnerable Economy

Government can not continue to spend more and more while at the same time pursuing policies that drive down tax revenue. The private sector is unable and unwilling to generate enough taxable income and profit to support government’s mushrooming appetite. The drop in individual income tax revenue in fiscal 2009 was the steepest since 1939.  […]

The Constitution Will Prevail Over ObamaCare

Update March 21:  Obviously, we were wrong.  The House has passed the Senate version, and ObamaCare and it is now the law of the land. March 13, 2010: The conflicts and lack of trust within the their own Party make it impossible for President Obama and the Democrats to enact their sweeping government take-over of […]

Ground Hog Day Deceptions

It seems that we, like Phil Connors, leading character in the movie Ground Hog Day, are stuck in a insipid time warp.  We awaken every morning to yet another rerun of the political pitch for Extreme Makeover, Health Care Edition. Saturday morning it was the President’s “weekly address,” posted in video form on the White […]

Connecting the Obama and Oil Drilling Dots

Two recent reports, when connected, seem to explain each other. Report # 1 The Wall Street Journal found that the Obama Administration has directed the US Import-Export Bank to loan $2 billion to Petrobras, Brazil’s state owned oil company.  The money will fund exploration and drilling in a massive, off-shore oil field recently discovered off […]

Reaganomics Will Create Jobs Again

Yet another negative employment report was released Friday – 36,000 jobs lost in February. President Obama appeared on TV to claim, preposterously: …this was better than expected…and shows the measures we’re taking to turn our economy around are having some impact. Not to be out done, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate […]

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