Income Inequality: Century Old Political Scam (1)

First in a series. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, media commentators, and misguided Republicans blame income inequality for middle class hardship and a host of other problems, even the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.  Mrs. Clinton’s campaign will allege that whoever becomes the Republican nominee caused or supports inequality and is therefore wicked and dishonorable The […]

Wisconsin Recall Election: Follow the Money

Today the voters of Wisconsin decide if their governor will be recalled as punishment for standing up to government unions.  The chart explains why the employees of the State of Wisconsin are so important to the national unions and the national Democratic Party.  Membership in unions, the Party’s number one source of financial and volunteer […]

Tax Hikes on Millionaires: Irrational and Foolish

Once again President Obama and the Democrats seek to stimulate the base human emotions of envy and resentment by demanding a surtax on “millionaires,” this time to “pay for” another year of temporary reduction in the Social Security payroll tax.  But it doesn’t really matter what they say the tax will “pay for.”  They always […]

Occupy Wall Street Will Help Defeat Obama

As a life-long political activist old enough to remember the 1960s I predict the Occupy Wall Street rabble will do for Barack Obama what their similarly clueless progenitors did for 1968 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hubert Humphrey. As in the sixties, the slovenly protesters are perceived to be Democratic/liberal/progressive followers.  Their only coherent position, opposition to […]

Democrats Bring Absurd Claims to Debt Ceiling Debate

Would three percent less government spending be worse for jobs than a major tax increase on small business employers? As the chart shows, the debt crisis is driven by spending and since Republicans were in control of Congress from 2001 through 2006 and Democrats were in control after that, neither party is blameless. But the […]

Ignorance & Prejudice Drive Ruinous Economic Policy

Double taxation of profits is not a jobs plan. This article was published on June 22 and revised on June 23 in response to questions, objections and advice received via email and Twitter. It’s human nature to seek one or two silver bullet reforms that would miraculously ignite prosperity.  Thus the appeal of the Obama […]

The Budget Tragicomedy in Congress

The drama is overwrought, and the debate is thundering.  But the substance is trifling. On february 20 The Republican House of Representatives passed a bill that would cut a mere $61 Billion from the Obama’s $3.5 Trillion spending plan for 2011. My first reaction was disappointment after such big talk during the campaign.   I was […]

Covert Extreme Makeover of the Medical Industry

It seems Democrats have learned their lesson.  The House Health Care bill, HR 3200 has been online since July, spreading fear and alarm throughout the land as Internet based analysts helped millions of Americans see for themselves the yawning gap  between the actual legislation and President Obama’s extravagant, Utopian promises. Tens of thousands of people […]

Six Months of Obama Stimulus: 2.8 Million Lost Jobs

. For weeks Obama Administration officials have warned that unemployment would rise from present levels.  A lot.  Yesterday Press Secretary Robert Gibbs looked grim as he told reporters he expected today’s employment report from the Labor Dept. to show “several hundred thousand jobs lost” and a higher unemployment rate for July – higher than June’s […]

A Picture of ObamaCare

Congressman Kevin Brady, (R-Texas), the lead House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, today unveiled the chart below, depicting how the health care system would be organized at the national level if the Democrats’ latest plan became law. An excerpt from Brady’s remarks today: Why should any patient be forced to give control of their […]

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