Critical Issue the Sex Obsessed Media Ignores

One debate question was an obvious setup to favor the Clinton campaign because it was based on an unproved assumption that is at the central feature of her campaign

Income Inequality: Century Old Political Scam (1)

First in a series. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, media commentators, and misguided Republicans blame income inequality for middle class hardship and a host of other problems, even the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.  Mrs. Clinton’s campaign will allege that whoever becomes the Republican nominee caused or supports inequality and is therefore wicked and dishonorable The […]

Hillary Clinton’s Golden Oldie Politics of Envy

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been bogged down in scandals since her bizarre, YouTube “announcement” back in April.  But over the weekend she delivered a much hyped “re-launch,” a speech in New York.  She began with a reference to a 1941 speech by President Roosevelt wherein he called for government to somehow guarantee “freedom from want.”  […]

Anatomy of a Melt Down

The Democrats and their boosters in the media herd are losing their grip. The media have been working overtime to publish specious allegations and personal attacks against Governor Palin, her daughter, her husband, her Pastor and her local church. The Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party Carolyn Fowler, wife of Representative Don Fowler, said […]

New McCain Ad Uses Democrats to Skewer Obama

Bill Clinton opens, and Obama himself closes, with a convincing argument that he’s not prepared to run for the Presidency. .

What Is The Clintons’ Agenda, Anyway?

The verdict of the media herd is in: There is no way for the Clintons to prevail. For once, the media seem to be right. For better or worse, the party is now stuck with Barrack Obama. The American Idol of politics, Senator Obama has rocketed from obscure, under-achieving State Senator to Presidential Nominee in […]

The Gas Tax Ruse

Hillary Clinton has joined John McCain in calling for a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax. Unfortunately, this proposal is a just a campaign gimmick. The federal gas tax is 18.3¢ per gallon. Based on national averages, the typical driver consumes about 50 gallons a month, and thus pays about $9.00 gas tax per […]