Obama’s Debt Ceiling Deception: The Corprate Jet Owner

The President tries to smear Republicans with a trivial tax break he and his party authored. A visitor from another planet listening to President Obama’s press conferences would get the impression that a “tax break for private jet owners” was a major point of political conflict and a significant barrier to a balanced federal budget.   […]

A Modest Proposal to Ease the Debt Crisis

Remember 2007?  Was Government too small by 40%? For several days the establishment media hyped the majestic arrival of President Obama to the debt ceiling debate.  But after several urgent, crucial, Oval Office Meetings no agreement is even close. Republicans want major spending cuts in exchange for their votes for a debt ceiling increase.  Obama […]

Democrats Bring Absurd Claims to Debt Ceiling Debate

Would three percent less government spending be worse for jobs than a major tax increase on small business employers? As the chart shows, the debt crisis is driven by spending and since Republicans were in control of Congress from 2001 through 2006 and Democrats were in control after that, neither party is blameless. But the […]

Ignorance & Prejudice Drive Ruinous Economic Policy

Double taxation of profits is not a jobs plan. This article was published on June 22 and revised on June 23 in response to questions, objections and advice received via email and Twitter. It’s human nature to seek one or two silver bullet reforms that would miraculously ignite prosperity.  Thus the appeal of the Obama […]

Are American Taxes High or Low?

The government’s deficit/debt crisis has united a majority of Americans in demanding significant spending cuts.  Those who have built their political careers, on continuously expanding tax supported government programs, grants, subsidies, and entitlements – we’ll call them “looters”- are naturally alarmed.  As always they seek to deflect blame away from themselves to taxpayers, especially the […]

Government Drives Unemployment

The Labor Department published new small business statistics last week. Due to waves of new regulation, Expensive new employer mandates in ObamaCare, and continuous threats of tax increases on entrepreneurs and investors there are were fewer new businesses in 2010 than at any time since the government began counting them in 1993.  

Facing Imminent Crisis They Spend Even More!

As the worst debt crisis in American history appears on the horizon the political establishment shows no urgency about spending cuts.  The Treasury Department’s monthly report for the first 8 months of the 2011 fiscal year shows 2011 spending is running 6% above 2010. As the numbers demonstrate, the Obama Administration believes the most urgent […]

Weiner-Gate and the Fallacy of Progressivism

The picture was of me and I sent it. Congressman Anthony Weiner finally confessed.  His Twitter account was not “hacked” as he had been claiming for a week.  And, hoping to head off more damage from additional salacious photos waiting in the wings to be splashed over the Internet, he admitted to several on-line dalliances.  […]

ObamaNomics Stifles Private Sector Job Creation

If Private Sector Job creation had been Obama’s original goal the Reagan Administration experience provided the formula to achieve that goal. The Labor Department’s monthly jobs report for May showed private sector employers created 83,000 jobs in May.  Unfortunately, state and local governments cut 29,000 employees so the net job gain was only 54,000.  This […]

Obama Needs Reagan Style Job Growth

President Reagan won a second term in a 49 state landslide.  With opposite economic policies and opposite results President Obama’s prospects are not so good. The Labor Department posted another disappointing jobs report on Friday, emphasizing America’s continuing economic misery.  Employers created only 54,000 new jobs in May and the unemployment rate ticked up to […]