Insipid Trumpery (1)

The word trumpery appears in any English language dictionary. It’s a perfect descriptor of Donald Trump’s campaign

The Ryan Effect: A Brand New, Volatile Campaign

Forget everything you thought you knew about the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate turns a dreary, negative, small-ball campaign into a once-in-a-generation, articulate attack on the beliefs and assumptions underlying the Democratic Party’s core articles of faith. Predictably, a herd of smug liberals breathlessly share the news […]

Two More Versions of What Obama Claims He Said

In one day the Obama campaign frantically pumped out two new videos with two new and conflicting claims regarding what Obama “really” said, when his actual words, recorded on video were: If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen. The President’s entire rant against high income taxpayers, most […]

Profits Are The Fuel of Job Creation

To support the Obama campaign scores of politicians and assorted gasbags, all across the media echo chamber are chanting the same ignorant slogan:  “Mitt Romney’s priority at Bain Capital was not to create jobs, it was to maximize profits.” The first post in this series explained what private equity really is and debunked charges from […]

Obama Smear Machine Maligns Private Equity

The Obama campaign is based on the liberal/progressive vision of – using the President’s own word – a “transformed,” government centered, society and economy.  Their central campaign tactic is to discredit the traditional American vision of individual autonomy and economic freedom by demonizing entrepreneurs, investors and successful business leaders. The latest Obama stink bomb is […]

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Obama Doesn’t Get It

The Last of our series on Senator Obama’s Campaign Speech in Berlin . Barack Obama devoted several paragraphs of his Berlin Campaign Speech to the ten month Berlin Airlift, in 1948 and 49. Then, he summed up the remaining four decades of cold war with two sentences Look at Berlin, where the bullet holes in […]

The Elephant in Obama’s Room

Barack Obama’s so called “policy” regarding Iraq is driven entirely by vote counting calculations. He is trying to appear willing to succeed in Iraq, while at the same time appealing to the elephant…er…donkey in the room that nobody’s talking about: his party’s left fringe base. He hopes that by not calling victory or success the […]

Is Tony Rezko’s Conviction Relevant to the Obama Campaign?

This was a tangible benefit, worth several Hundred Thousand Dollars, to Barack Obama from Tony Rezko.

Obama Wins the Nomination – Probably

Hillary wants to plant the perception in the minds of Democrat Voters that she was willing to sign on as VP, to help Obama unify the party, and help him become the first African-American President, but he rejected her out of foolish pride.

Obama Campaign Targets the Uninformed

The debate over Barrack Obama’s promise to meet with the leaders of nations who sponsor international terror continues. Yesterday Obama said: “If George Bush and John McCain have a problem with direct diplomacy led by the president of the United States then they can explain why they have a problem with John F. Kennedy because […]