Shrinking GDP and Big Government Failure

After three years of inadequate growth the economy contracted during the final months of 2012. GDP turned negative by 0.1% during the fourth quarter. After the Commerce Department issued it’s quarterly GDP report the White House tried to present a deteriorating economic indicator in positive terms: This was the first quarterly drop in real GDP in […]

Court Rejects President’s Abuse of Power

On January 4, 2012 President Obama appointed three strongly pro-union members to the five member National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The Board functions like a court, arbitrating disputes between unions and employers. One of the disputes Obama’s Board members considered in 2012 was Noel Canning, a Pepsi-Cola bottler Vs the Teamsters union.   As the President […]

All The President’s Straw Men

The straw man is a logical fallacy, an attempt to appear to have won an argument by misrepresenting the opposing argument, or by knocking down an argument the opposition did not make.  President Obama is a devoted fan of straw men, having stood up and then batted down hundreds during his speeches and his recent […]

Obama’s Spending Cut Claptrap

The next crisis deadline is already upon us.  Over the past 16 months the Obama Administration has borrowed and spent another $2 trillion (in addition to $3.4 trillion in tax revenue) and has once again reached it’s debt ceiling.  The Obama-friendly media continue to repeat the falsehood that the President and the Democrats have already […]

Do We Have A Spending Problem?

In a Wall Street Journal interview about fiscal cliff negotiations House Speaker John Boehner quotes President Obama: “We don’t have a spending problem.” While the President often says the word “cuts” at his campaign style media events, his next words usually are “so we can make investments in…”  It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that […]

Fiscal Cliff and Democrats’ Contempt for Voters

The corrupt, profligate spenders won. The media cheered, The People lost. The President and his media allies didn’t talk much about why America faced the so-called fiscal cliff.  This chart shows why there is such acrimony in Congress. It took 22 years, from 1986 to 2008 for government debt owed to the public to rise […]

Obama’s New Years Eve Duplicity

President Obama decided that New Years Eve, as the Senate was considering the fiscal cliff bill, would be a good time to mock Republican voters and the Representatives they elected.  So he organized a campaign style rally complete with a cheering audience of White House staffers.  He claimed the purpose of this media event was […]