Obama: The Man From Hype (Part 1)

There’s an old saying: If your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail. The first of President-elect Obama’s Saturday addresses, and his Press Conferences this week leave one with the growing suspicion that his tools are limited, and the ones he deploys most often, no matter what the problem, are […]

Thankful For What We Have, Not Grieving For What We’ve Lost

As Thanksgiving dawns, many – perhaps most – Americans have recently suffered economic setbacks and may feel more cheated than thankful.  But if you have a computer, Internet access, decent shelter and enough to eat you have more than most of the world. Being thankful for what we have instead of grieving for what we’ve […]

The Obama Dilemma: “Change” or Prosperity?

Little understood by those in the media (anyone surprised?) is what could cause the current credit blow-off and associated recession to devolve into a full blown depression. To understand, one has to take a brief trip down “Globalization Lane.” “Globalization” is a a term generically used to describe the opening up of product and financial […]

The Big Bailout: Investors Vote No Confidence

Stock indexes are an indicator of investor confidence in the economic future. The Chart tracks the 40% decline in the Nasdaq Index since the beginning of the most massive series of government interventions in the private economy in American history. Clearly, investors are not confident that Congressmen, Senators, and Treasury officials have the insights to […]

The Obama-Media Strategy: Manipulate the Uninformed

Throughout the campaign we reported here in Liberty Works on the many ways the Obama Campaign targeted and manipulated the uninformed.  The video below, produced by this group is a funny but painful glimpse at the uninformed who were persuaded to vote for Obama. In partnership with ACORN, the Obama campaign conducted massive voter registration […]

How To Stop The Housing Market Bleeding

Big Bailout, Day 47: Can Government Fix The Crisis Government Caused? Click the boat to see all articles in Big Bailout Series Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairwoman Sheila Bair testified before the House Banking Committee today. Paulson gave a vague summary of how bailout funds have been deployed so far..  […]

UAW Boses Deceived & Betrayed Members

As GM, Ford, and Chrysler patrol the halls of Congress with tin cups, begging for a share of The Big Bailout one wonders why the Media herd doesn’t place the blame where it belongs, squarely on the United Auto Workers Union. Toyota began building cars in America in 1984.  Their non-union plants offer competitive wages […]

GM: First Disillusionment Of The Obama Era

For the next few weeks the latest applicant for Big Bailout cash, the auto industry will be the central front in America’s perennial ideological war. On the Left side of the war are collectivist ideas, backed by labor unions and Democratic politicians, and the public education establishment.  On the right side are the ideas that […]

Big Bailout: Frantic Changes In Strategy

Can Government Fix the Crisis Government Caused? Click the boat to see all articles in Big Bailout Series Sixty days ago Treasury Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Brenanke warned Congress and the public of imminent financial calamity that would engulf the entire economy. According to the Paulson-Brenanke-government brain trust, the only thing that could […]

Veterans Day: A Holiday to Celebrate Honor (3)

John W. Finn is the nation’s oldest living Medal of Honor Winner.  Mr. Finn was born in Los Angeles in 1909. On December 7, 1941 John W. Finn was an Aviation Chief Ordnanceman, stationed with a patrol squadron at NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. That day, “the day that will live in infamy,” Mr. Finn earned […]

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