ObamaNomics Vs The Truth

Click on the button for more ObamaNomics coverage In his stump speech in Des Moines, Iowa this morning Barack Obama bellowed: The last thing we need now is four more years of the tired old policy that says we should give more and more money to Millionaires… Senators Obama and Biden and their various surrogates […]

New Ad Lampoons Gullible Obama

We’re told this ad was created by a high profile Hollywood producer who wishes to remain anonymous. .

ObamaNomics Vs National Defense

Click the button for more ObamaNomics coverage In previous posts we’ve explained how the cost of Barack Obama’s plans to “spread the wealth” and to “invest” in new government spending far exceeds any additional revenue that could ever result from his promised tax increases on high income individuals and small businesses. If Senator Obama is […]

ObamaNomics Vs The Constitution

Obama’s  charter of negative liberties. Yesterday we joined the blogosphere frenzy by commenting on a tape that appeared Monday on YouTube, of segments of a 2001 radio interview of Barack Obama.  A transcript of the entire interview is now available here. During the interview Senator Obama said: …the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues […]

America’s Best Work

Liberty Works has received an advanced copy of the first chapter of a new patriotic book, due to be published in January. It gives us all a personal challenge to live out John McCain’s, now famous quote, “Our fundamentals are strong”.  The author, Cheri Douglas believes that our fundamentals ARE strong and says so in […]

Obama’s Core Belief Revealed in Radio Interview

Barack Obama’s great advantage in this campaign has been the nearly total lack of any publicly available information, other than two books he wrote about himself, that would give voters a sense of his character or his core beliefs. In the prologue to his second book Senator Obama wrote: …I am new enough on the […]

Joe Biden Embarrassed by Valid Questions

Last week, Barbara West of WFTV, Orlando, Florida angered and embarrassed  Joe Biden by breaking out of the standard, humdrum media routine of asking irrelevant questions about Sarah Palin’s shoes or current media polls. Instead, Ms West decided to ask a few relevant questions about Barack Obama’s economic and tax proposals.  As a result of […]

ObamaNomics: Buying Votes With Government Handouts

Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber he planned to hit high income earners and small business with tax increases in order to “spread the wealth.” How will Senator Obama’s scheme “spread the wealth?”   By creating or expanding eight government entitlement schemes, that he deceptively calls “tax cuts.”  Americans will qualify for the free cash benefits […]

ObamaNomics: New Labels for Worn Out Ideas

Barack Obama promises “tax cuts” …. for 95% of America. Imagine the reaction from voters if Senator Obama’s stood on the campaign stage and bellowed: “Twenty-three Million families are getting cash grants from the government, averaging $2,400, and up to $4,700.  This is not enough and if I’m elected President I promise to give each […]

Say it Ain’t So, Joe

Political campaigns tend to be as devoid of candor as poker games, and the campaign of Barack Obama is particularly guilty.  “Golly – Reverend Wright Really Said That?  I’m shocked, shocked!!”  But in the last few days, out of the blue, we have been treated to two pieces of uncharacteristic candor from Team Obama, and […]

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