Obama Stimulus: 36 Weeks of Record Job Losses

On Thursday, the Department of Labor issued its Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims Report: 530,000 claims, or jobs lost, during the week ending October 24. . Last January 9 President Obama commented on job losses during December, 2008: Clearly the situation is dire.  It is deteriorating and it demands urgent and immediate action…the jobs report only […]

Political Fantasy Meets Political Reality

It appears that in spite of the most strenuous efforts of the political-media establishment, ObamaCare may crash and burn due to lack of enough Democrat votes in the House of Representatives. What would it take to pass so-called “health care reform” in the House of Representatives, with no Republican support? There are 434 members. Passing […]

Nancy Pelosi: Huckster of the House

According to insider reports, Speaker Pelosi faces a divided Democratic party and can’t muster the 218 votes she needs to pass the House version of ObamaCare, including a new government owned and operated insurance company. Democrats know most Americans, for good reason, distrust massive government run schemes, so they’ve tried to minimize the blow-back by […]

Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 58

The Usual Suspects Excuse Presidential Dithering Monday, the 57th day since Gen. McChrystal submitted his Afghanistan assessment, recommendations, and urgent  troop request, President Obama and his advisers held yet another “high level” meeting (#6) to consider the matter. While officials insist there is no possibility of  abandoning the effort there seems to be a real […]

Benefits of Global Warming

From The Canadian Tourism Federation . .

“By its very nature, as a study of the use of scarce resources which have alternative uses, economics is about incremental trade-offs, not about “needs” or “solutions.” That may be why economists have never been as popular as politicians who promise to solve our problems and meet our needs.” – Thomas Sowell

Opaque Legalese No Citizen Can Read (1)

So-called “health care reform” or ObamaCare, will be a de facto, involuntary contract between each citizen and his/her government.  Yet it’s impossible for the citizen to become aware of the terms of this contract because it’s impossible to read and comprehend the law. On October 19 the 1502 page Senate Finance Committee version of ObamaCare […]

It’s amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, or medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it. …Thomas Sowell

Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 51

On 8/30 General Stanley McChrystal submitted his comprehensive plan to accomplish the Afghanistan mission President Obama declared.  He and the troops continue to struggle, and continue to wait for their Commander in Chief to make a decision. On October 20, White House Press Secretary Gibbs told reporters that consideration of General McChrystal’s report and resource […]

The Audacity of Hype

In his Saturday radio/Internet address President Obama said: I welcome a good debate. I welcome the chance to defend our proposals and to test our ideas in the fires of this democracy. But what I will not abide are those who would bend the truth – or break it – to score political points and […]

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