ObamaNomics Year Seven: Economy Sputters to a Standstill

We’re in the seventh year of the most audacious and reckless experiment with progressive economic theories in our nation’s history.

Two Years of ObamaNomics: A Progress Update

This month President Obama celebrates the second anniversary of his Administration. President Obama’s  promises included: Put an end to “irresponsible Bush deficits.” Improve economic conditions for the middle class. Make America more prosperous by restricting conventional energy production and subsidizing the development of so-called “green energy.” Obama’s signature economic initiative was the $814 Billion “stimulus” […]

Jobs Report Confirms: This Is Not Working

In November, the 35th month since the recession began: The unemployment rate went up from 9.6% to 9.8%. Overall job growth, including private and public sectors was 39,000, a pitifully small number compared to previous, post-recession recoveries. If the 2010 rate of job growth continues, it will take another six years to replace all the […]

Obama Did Not Inherit These Deficits

President Obama held a press event Tuesday to announce appointment of his new budget director.  His remarks included: When we walked through the doors of the White House we not only faced the worst economic crisis since the great depression, we also faced a $1.3 Trillion deficit… Thus, Obama once again tried to blame the […]

Big Government Hubris Brings Failure

May was month 16 of the Obama “stimulus” or Recovery Act.  This is the second part of a two part progress report.  The first is here This progress report will focus on some explicit promises made by President Obama and his economic team to sell us his massive stimulus scheme. Lets not forget the origins […]

The Obama Stimulus: Month 15 Progress Report

Scroll for updates… As the President and Congress continue to roll out the radical Obama agenda Liberty Works will continue to  hold them accountable for failing results. The political-media establishment put on a happy face and proclaimed a “better than expected” jobs report Friday.  The welcomed good news was that private sector employers created 234,000 […]

Obama’s Experts Revise Their Bogus Projections.

President Obama and Congress scorn Constitutional limits on government power, with massive legislative initiatives that spend trillions of borrowed dollars and empower the central government to intervene in the lives of every American. Their justification for these initiatives is based not on the timeless principles of liberty and individual autonomy, but promised benefits based on […]

A Rational Look at Current Economic Prospects

By Liberty Works Contributor Drew* Boomerjeff, proprietor of Liberty Works, has done a fine job pointing out the difference between the Administration’s promises – especially regarding employment – and economic reality.  Frequent commenters (trolls, really) drop by with lightweight criticism.   But for serious people who visit this blogsite, I thought a sober review of certain […]

Alarm Signals Flashing From a Vulnerable Economy

Government can not continue to spend more and more while at the same time pursuing policies that drive down tax revenue. The private sector is unable and unwilling to generate enough taxable income and profit to support government’s mushrooming appetite. The drop in individual income tax revenue in fiscal 2009 was the steepest since 1939.  […]

Reaganomics Will Create Jobs Again

Yet another negative employment report was released Friday – 36,000 jobs lost in February. President Obama appeared on TV to claim, preposterously: …this was better than expected…and shows the measures we’re taking to turn our economy around are having some impact. Not to be out done, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate […]

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