Cheney on Obama’s War on The Warriors

Obama Administration Drops a Deficit Grenade (2)

By Drew, our contributing writer from the world of banking and corporate finance I’m in the camp that says in the short run inflation is not an issue.  Why?  Because the monetary stimulus has been sucked up into bank reserves, velocity has slowed, and demand for loans is light.  Further, there is so much slack […]

Obama Administration Drops a Deficit Grenade (1)

The Obama administration of hope and change went along with cynical Washington tradition today when it released shocking news on a Friday afternoon in August, after most reporters had gone home because the President had left town on vacation. The Administration’s official, ten year, budget deficit projection, already catastrophically high, just grew by a staggering […]

US Troops Ensure Successful Afghan Election

Click for video from the Afghan Election

Clunkers Chaos Previews Catastrophic Risks in ObamaCare

As ObamaCare lurched unsteadily toward enactment, Cash for Clunkers burst into the news a second time, and the suffering of cooperative auto dealers reminds us of the great risk we take when granting government authority for our well-being. Car dealers are not sympathetic figures in the American culture.  But if they suffer government inflicted financial […]

The Tax Red Herring

One aspect of ObamaCare bubbles to the surface of the debate every few days.  Will ObamaCare require raising taxes?   If so, will it tax the bottom 95% Candidate Obama promised to insulate from any tax increases? Be assured no tax increase on the 95% will be included in the initial health care legislation.  Obama and […]

Appearance of Retreat in ObamaCare Chaos

The media herd stampeded to this latest twist:  Maybe the President and Democratic leaders in Congress would accept so-called “reform” without the so-called “public option.” In a mish-mash  of ambiguous, conflicting announcements, policy statements and legislative text the public option has, at least, been consistent.  The government would own and operate a new health insurance […]

Video From Afghanistan

The media have been distracted by the health care debate and have not given us much information about Afghanistan.  But tomorrow will be election day and US troops have been fighting for months to drive away Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists so the Afghan people can safely vote. Click to see the one minute video

Obama to Quadruple Bush’s Largest Deficit

The government’s fiscal year ends September 30.  Based on Treasury Department revenue and spending reports through July and projected revenue and spending in August and September, Liberty Works projects a fiscal 2009 deficit of $1.821 Trillion.

This Is Love

Written, sung and sketched by Worship Leader/Songwriter Todd Vaters. A free lyric/chord sheet is available at Todd’s website . .

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