Rahm Emanuel, Subprime Mortgage Profiteer

Rahm Emanuel is President Obama’s Chief of Staff and senior adviser.  He’s deeply involved in decisions about how to deploy Trillions of taxpayer dollars to rescue banks and financial institutions that have become insolvent.  The Administration is now considering ways to penalize executives of these institutions by confiscating through the tax system all or portions […]

President Blows Off Business Owner’s Tax Question

Yesterday President Obama held a town hall, answering questions submitted over the Internet, and from people in the audience. One man in the audience asked: Today my question is, as a small-business owner, my company is still profitable.  We’re still growing, we’re still hiring.  The money that I make as a profit, I’m plowing right […]

ObamaNomics: More Bubble & Bust

First in a series analyzing President Obama’s Tuesday Evening Press Conference During his prepared remarks President Obama said: …the most critical part of our strategy is to ensure that we do not return to an economic cycle of bubble and bust in this country. We know that an economy built on reckless speculation, inflated home […]

One Hero In Congress Deserves Our Gratitude

Today, Treasury Secretary Geithner, and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke testified before a House of Representatives, Financial Services Committee hearing, called to investigate the AIG bonuses. While several members used the hearings as yet another opportunity to perform for the cameras, expressing sanctimonious indignation, one member, Michelle Bachman of Minnesota asked questions that every member should […]

Medals Awarded to Wounded Heroes

AIG Bonuses: An Investment in Liberty?

“Populism,” as employed by the Democratic Party, is the political tactic of firing up public resentment against businesses, investors and the wealthy, to  deflect blame for government-caused misery away from the political establishment. Last week when it became known that AIG employees  were paid some $165 Million in bonuses, the responsible politicians and officials in […]

Honoring Patriots: 3 Doors Down

Entertainment isn’t a stronghold of patriotism in this country, and it’s a shame that it’s not.  Because it should be. Todd Harrell and Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down discuss entertaining the troops, patriotism and their song, “Citizen Soldier.”


Negligent Congress Piles on AIG

Live From The Nation’s Capitol, It’s Day 4 of the Great AIG Horsewhipping. . It’s an all too familiar stunt: politicians attempting to dodge accountability and elevate perceptions of themselves by stampeding to the cameras to bellow their sanctimonious indignation at an easy target who’s already down and out of public favor. This time the […]

Stimulus Update: 2.6 Million More Jobs Lost

President Obama’s Huge Stimulus Bill that was hyped as so urgent it had to be passed in a few hours, before any Senator or Congressman had read its thousand pages, when the one and only copy still had hand written corrections, cross-outs, and margin notes.  Why the urgency? The Administration and the media insisted that […]

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