Harry Reid is Either Ignorant or Lying

Speaking from the floor of the United States Senate yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid resorted to an outright lie to sell his plan to increase tax rates on high income business owners and investors: Senate Republicans…oppose our plan [for] a tiny sur-tax on on a tiny fraction of America’s highet earners…Republicans call our plan a […]

Calling Harry Reid Back to Reality

Speaking on the Senate Floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to make the case for President Obama’s so-called “Jobs Act” which, in part, would impose permanent tax increases on private sector  employers to pay for temporary federal subsidies that supposedly would enable state and local governments to rehire employees they have had to lay off. […]

A Debt Ceiling Conversation with The President

With only a few days left to prevent a debt ceiling crisis President Obama asked the TV networks for prime time to inform The People of a grave situation and of the options available to us deliver another, tedious campaign speech. What if we had been able to interact with the President, turning the speech […]

Democrats’ Latest Debt Ceiling Offer: No Tax Hikes

Senate majority Leader Harry Reid is now willing to make a debt ceiling deal without tax increases just to avoid another debt ceiling deadline before the election.  The final week before the debt ceiling deadline begins with two new debt ceiling plans.  These plans are not yet available on line so all we know about […]

Debt Celing Fight: Obama Has Made Himself Irrelevant

On Friday Evening an angry President Obama held a press conference to announce that, once again, debt ceiling negotiations had broken down.  Of course he blamed Republicans.  Here’s an excerpt: So here’s what we’re going to do.  We have now run out of time.  I told Speaker Boehner, I’ve told Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, I’ve […]

The Willful Crisis, Act II

Due to incompetence and malfeasance Congress has failed to complete its core, Constitutional duties: Pass a budget for fiscal year 2011, which began October 1, 2010. Pass 12 appropriations bills that break the budget down to more manageable pieces and grant each department and agency the budget authority to continue operations. Thus, Congress has given […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (5) Running Out The Clock

UPDATE: Democrats have announced they are unwilling to bring the President’s compromise tax plan to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. Much of the communication from the political establishment targets people who are not inclined to spend hours verifying “information” in the media.  After the Bush tax cuts were enacted in […]

Nelson Caved to Bribery, Became Harry’s Vote #60

Until Friday night Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska claimed to be withholding his Yes vote on the Senate Health Care bill until it included language that would prohibit federal funding of abortion. In the end the abortion language turned out to be several pages of tortured, incomprehensible language that does allow public funding of […]

An Alternative Stealth Single Payer Scheme

Our previous analysis of the chaotic Senate health care process noted the obvious: It’s simply impossible to believe that Congress has the wisdom to create, in 2,000 pages, the best possible system of health insurance and medical services delivery. Even if one is blinded by faith and believes an elite dozen can huddle in a […]

Political Horse Trading For Senate Health Care Votes

How can anyone believe this urgent, chaotic, political process can improve health care in America? Our mission at Liberty Works is to promote liberty and oppose government encroachment on the rights, choices and prerogatives of The People, in their businesses and personal lives.  Except for enforcement of laws against fraudulent schemes we oppose all government […]

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