A Stimulus Plan to Create Jobs…Really!

The Advertised purpose of the $819 Billion Obama Stimulus Package is to “jolt” the economy in order to “save or create jobs.” But only a tiny fraction of the $819 Billion (and growing) price tag will go to employers.   Most of the spending in the Obama Stimulus plan is for a bundle of liberal […]

How Much Will ObamaNomics Cost?

How much is $819 Billion? How much is the Stimulus?  Obama Stimulus: How much will it cost? The House of Representatives has passed President Obama’s so-called “Stimulus Package.”  The price tag is $819 Billion.  According to the Wall Street Journal and other sources,  Senate version is likely to be than $900 billion. Since it’s difficult […]

The Democrats’ Jobs Hoax

Politicians love a crisis.  They exploit crises to expand government power. The current crisis was caused by Federal Reserve malfeasance, and government intervention in the mortgage and credit markets, bringing on the financial sector meltdown, and a rapid slowdown in economic activity, leading to mass layoffs.  The same politicians whose bumbling, political programs caused the […]

Speak of Consensus, Then Use Force

Through his  Executive Orders, President Obama is finally beginning to lift his campaign’s fog of ambiguity, revealing his real agenda.   Obama speaks continuously of unity, consensus and pragmatism but when he uses Presidential authority it’s to advance rigid, leftist ideology.  One of his first executive orders is a perfect example. A 1961 law prohibits the […]

Bureaucratic Stimulus

The  American Recovery  and Reinvestment Act of 2009, otherwise known as the Obama stimulus package to “create or save” 3.7 million jobs, was finally introduced in the House of Representatives. . The Obama Administration has been selling this spending as “building infrastructure,” including roads and bridges.  Unfortunately, much of it will build additional bureaucracy, expand […]

A Day of Landmark Symbolism

One would have to be obtuse indeed not to appreciate the dramatic symbolism of the nation’s first African-American President’s being inaugurated the day after the the nation takes a day off to remember Martin Luther King. For this old guy, who as a student in the Sixties participated in a low-risk civil rights demonstration in […]

Obamanomics: $306,000 To Save One Job

The Obama Transition Team published a report on the number of jobs that could be created “or saved” by the assortment of subsidies and programs included in Obama’s massive “stimulus” package. The authors, through a series of assumptions, estimates, projections, and guesses, purport to compute the total at 3,675,000 jobs.  They even included figures by […]

Harry Reid Backs Down

After acting like The Keystone Cops for nearly a month Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid, have finally acknowledged the obvious:  they have no legal or Constitutional basis for refusing to accept Roland Burris as the new Senator from Illnois to take over seat vacated by Barack Obama. Reid had used the Illinois […]

The Emerging “Jobs Saved” Ploy

During the campaign Candidate Obama denounced unspecified “Bush policies” as the cause of unemployment, and promised to create lots of new jobs. Since the election, President-elect Obama’s promise has evolved into a projection  that his economic initiative, now named “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan,” will create or save several million jobs.   The precise number […]

Obamanomics: Recycled Campaign Hype

For several days the media  hyped “a major economic speech” to be given by President-elect Obama.  But when the much anticipated moment arrived,  the vague and misty content did not begin to justify the hype.  Obama opened with the same self-aggrandizing verbosity that marked his campaign speeches: Throughout America’s history, there have been some years […]

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