Calling Harry Reid Back to Reality

Speaking on the Senate Floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to make the case for President Obama’s so-called “Jobs Act” which, in part, would impose permanent tax increases on private sector  employers to pay for temporary federal subsidies that supposedly would enable state and local governments to rehire employees they have had to lay off. […]

Prepare For the Counterattack

Whether we like it or not, we are in a political war to determine what ideology will prevail in the future of America.  Will it be the ideology of liberty?  Or will it be the ideology of authoritarian control by a self-appointed elite?  Last night the authoritarian side lost a battle.  But the war is […]

Baucus Cynically Shrugs Off a Senator’s Duty

For those unfamiliar with the arcane customs of the Senate, any Senator can ask that the Senate take some action, such as amending a bill by “unanimous consent.”  The presiding Chairman asks if there are any objections. If no Senator voices objection, the amendment passes.  If one or more Senators object, indicating consent is not […]

Garbage-in-Garbage Out: CBO Scores Reid Bill

On November 18 Senate Majority Leader Reid received preliminary estimates (also called “score”) from the Congressional Budget Office for his 2,000 page package of new Health Care bureaucracies, taxes, subsidies, and mandates.  It began with an estimated… …net reduction in federal deficits of $130 billion over the 2010-2019 period. Reid ran to the cameras to […]

Political Fantasy Meets Political Reality

It appears that in spite of the most strenuous efforts of the political-media establishment, ObamaCare may crash and burn due to lack of enough Democrat votes in the House of Representatives. What would it take to pass so-called “health care reform” in the House of Representatives, with no Republican support? There are 434 members. Passing […]

Opaque Legalese No Citizen Can Read (1)

So-called “health care reform” or ObamaCare, will be a de facto, involuntary contract between each citizen and his/her government.  Yet it’s impossible for the citizen to become aware of the terms of this contract because it’s impossible to read and comprehend the law. On October 19 the 1502 page Senate Finance Committee version of ObamaCare […]

Gossamer CBO Report Incites Irrational Exuberance

The political-media establishment’s hype machine kicked into overdrive this morning, after release of a sketchy report  from the Congressional Budget Office, purporting to determine the cost of the Senate Finance Committee version of ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Baucus bill, after the Chairman of the committee.  The preposterous headline:  this bill would reduce the federal […]

Covert Extreme Makeover of the Medical Industry

It seems Democrats have learned their lesson.  The House Health Care bill, HR 3200 has been online since July, spreading fear and alarm throughout the land as Internet based analysts helped millions of Americans see for themselves the yawning gap  between the actual legislation and President Obama’s extravagant, Utopian promises. Tens of thousands of people […]

ObamaCare Vs. the Constitution (1)

A front page article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal reminds us, perhaps unintentionally, that The President and Congress, with the exception of fewer than a dozen members, have decided the Constitution is obsolete, and irrelevant.  The article, titled “Moderate Senators Hold Key to High-Stakes Legislation,” says: …the balance of power in determining the course of […]

The Big Stimulus: Straining Toward A Trillion

President Obama addressed the economic crisis this morning: The economic crisis we face is unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. It’s a crisis of falling confidence and rising debt. If it’s a crisis of “rising debt” then how will you solve it by adding an additional Trillion Dollars in debt? Obama Continued… A failure […]

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