First 100 Days: Hold Obama Accountable for Results

The President spent his first three weeks in office warning of imminent “catastrophe” in the form of  job losses if Congress didn’t act instantly to pass his massive “stimulus package” of additional funding for old, existing, ineffective federal programs.  Eventually the name of the stimulus was changed to the “recovery act.” Yesterday, President Obama called […]

Cost of AF1 Flyover NYC = Bailout per Hour

In an incredibly stupid misstep, the Obama Administration authorized Air Force 1 to fly very low over Manhattan, reminding residents and office workers of the horrors of 9-11, and causing panicked evacuations of several office buildings.  The purpose of the flight was apparently to provide promotional photos for Administration use.  Nobody has yet disclosed why […]

Now a Disappointment, Specter Was Once a Hero

The media are in a festive mood, rejoicing in the defection of Arlen Specter from the GOP to the Democrats.  They will likely find themselves not so joyful as the months wear on. First, giving credit where due, without Specter’s efforts on the Senate judiciary Committee there would be no Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. […]

Holocaust Remembrance

We respectfully observe Holocaust Remembrance with this video by Pastor Todd Vaters. For nearly two decades Todd Vaters has been sharing his musical gifts with the world. From the jungles of West Africa to the churches of North America he has led worship as a solo artist and as part of various teams.

Geithner Doubts Government’s Competence

This is the third in a series on The Big Bailout (Now called the “troubled Asset Relief Program” or TARP) and Treasury Secretary Geithner’s meeting with the Congressional Oversight Panel. During his meeting with the Oversight Panel Secretary Geithner gave strong assurances that he and his bureaucrats could manage the whole economy, would eventually “think […]

Why the Constitution Limits Federal Power

Geithner Fast Break Avoids Accountability

First in a Series Reviewing the Big Bailout There’s little time for accountability in the Obama Administration.  That’s the message we citizens and taxpayers can take away from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s meeting this week with the Congressional Oversight Panel responsible for keeping track of the Troubled Asset Relief Program [TARP].  This is the new […]

Obama Openly Contemptuous of The People

Imagine a TV Sitcom family. They’re not poor.  Dad makes $600,000 per year, or $50,000 per month.  But incredibly, they can’t live on that budget and they’ve been borrowing and spending an additional $22,000 every month for years, driving their debt up to $2 million in installment loans and credit cards. Two months ago Dad […]

Garofolo Speaks for Obama: Tea Parties are Racism

A Hat tip to our contributing writer aaa.again, for calling our attention to this interview of actress and leftist gasbag Jenine Garofolo, by Keith Olberman, of CNBC.  They talked for 4 minutes and managed to avoid mentioning a single fact or verifiable statistic.  They made no effort to defend the actions tea party protesters are […]

Scenes From The Sacramento Tea Party

Several thousand people showed up on the front lawn of the California State Capitol, for speeches and appearances by several talk radio hosts, Neil Cavuto of Fox News, and Michelle Malkin. The photo to the right is Attorney Robert Schell, from Jackson, Ca who drove fifty miles to join the Tea Party in Sacramento.  He […]

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