Local Sheriff Among the First and Worst

Following Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s lead, politicians and Commentators from the Left rushed to blame their political adversaries for the mass shooting and killing in Arizona It’s hard to find strong enough language to express the horror and outrage most of us experienced when we heard that a man had shot twenty people at a meet-and-greet […]

The Gibson Doctrine: McCain-Palin Must Be Brought Down

On The Anniversary of 9-11 ABC’s Charles Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin and attempted to make her appear uninformed by asking her if she agreed with “The Bush Doctrine.” She didn’t know what he meant and asked for clarification, which he refused to give.  So she ventured a general answer. Finally, he sneered at her over […]

The Democrat’s Most Lionized President Prayed Out Loud!

FDR prayed out loud. In our previous post we discussed The Left’s irrational fear of religious expression, and Charles Gibson’s outrageous attempts to deceive ABC’s TV audience by misquoting remarks made by Sarah Palin to a gathering at her church. Someone should remind The Left of their roots. On the evening of June 6, 1944, […]

Anatomy of a Melt Down

The Democrats and their boosters in the media herd are losing their grip. The media have been working overtime to publish specious allegations and personal attacks against Governor Palin, her daughter, her husband, her Pastor and her local church. The Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party Carolyn Fowler, wife of Representative Don Fowler, said […]

Ms. Understimated

By announcing on August 29 that Governor Sarah Palin would be his Vice Presidential Nominee, John McCain pulled the pin on an unprecedented blast of personal smears and baseless speculation by the media herd and the hard left Internet hordes. Four days of slinging slime at Governor Palin culminated in an absurd, media generated rumor, […]

John and Sarah’s Amazing Adventure

My Friends… . I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s. I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here. I loved it for its decency, for its faith in the wisdom, justice, and goodness of its people. I loved it because it was not […]

Mayor Vs Community Organizer (2)

Mayor Vs Community Organizer (1) The Obama campaign and its media cheer leaders are stunned.  Somehow, the McCain-Palin campaign has roared to life, forcing their candidate to deal with challenges he didn’t expect and isn’t prepared to take on. In our Inbox this morning was a second petulant email from the Obama Campaign, defending so-called […]

Small Town Mayor Vs Community Organizer

Alaska Governor, and Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin blew the doors off the GOP Convention last night. If you’ve read or heard the commentary you know the word “electrified” is already tattered from overuse. Governor Palin has established herself as THE rising star of the GOP.  There were dozens of memorable lines including: Before I […]

Obama & Media Herd United Against The Palin Threat

The Obama Campaign, and the Media Herd are obviously alarmed and flummoxed by the challenge they now face in the nomination of Sarah Palin, who has electrified the previously listless GOP base, and threatens to cut into voting blocks Obama was taking for granted. Sarah Palin’s resume, two years as Governor of Alaska, preceded by […]

Dr. James Dobson Will Vote For McCain-Palin

Dr. James Dobson is founder and leader of Focus On The Family, a Christian organization dedicated to nurturing and defending the institution of the family and promoting biblical truths.  Focus on The Family publishes a wealth of books, videos and other materials primarily about marriage, family, and raising children.  Dr. Dobson has a daily radio […]

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