Lower Gas Prices? Obama Says No We Can’t

Four years ago Candidate Obama preened before mobs of addled admirers as they chanted “yes we can!”  Now President Obama says “we” can’t drill “our” way to lower gas prices.  So then the voters should take charge and get “we” out of the way so oil explorers, drillers, pipeline operators and refiners can do their […]

Liberal Vs Conservative or Compulsion Vs Liberty

The Los Angeles times published an OpEd by Novelist Diana Wagman, titled “Liberals vs conservatives.” In it she describes neighbors who, before she learned their political views were… …the best neighbors in the world.  Always ready with a tool, an ingredient, or a jump-start for the car.  Whatever you need, if they have it, they […]

Rick Santorum Calls Out Obama’s Phony Theology

The political-media establishment indulged in an orgy of public cringing over Rick Santorum’s “phony theology” comment.  The men and women of elite media have made quite the spectacle of sanctimonious indignation on behalf of President Obama’s Christian faith.  As is often the case their politically correct fury is based on misinterpretation of a word taken […]

Romney at CPAC: Close, But Not Quite Right

Last weekend Mitt Romney spoke to a friendly, Conservative audience at CPAC.  This was an opportunity for him to explain in detail his governing philosophy and Presidential agenda.  He would face no gotcha questions from the media, no debate jabs from adversaries, and no time limits imposed by the TV news demand for eight second […]

Whitney Houston’s “Most Electric Moment In Sports”

Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War began January 17, 1991.  Ten days later Whitney Houston thrilled America with an incomparable performance of the Star Spangled Banner to open Super Bowl XXV

We Are All Catholics

After the 9-11 terrorist attacks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously said: I am certain that I speak on behalf of my entire nation when I say: September 11th we are all Americans – in grief, as in defiance. The Administration recently announced an ObamaCare commandment that every health plan, paid for by every employer, […]

The Great, Obama Unemployment Rate Scam

Political communication in America is largely an effort to influence the perceptions of those who pay little attention to politics by stripping complex concepts and issues down to easily understood  statistics and simplistic soundbites.  In each of his first 33 months in office President Obama suffered because the easily understood Unemployment Rate remained very high.   […]

Happy Birthday President Reagan

In August 1984 Ronald Reagan spoke to an ecumenical prayer breakfast in Dallas, Texas.  Here’s an excerpt: We’ve been hearing a lot about religion and it’s role in politics, its place in the political life of the nation.  I think it’s appropriate that this issue be addressed.  I don’t speak as a theologian or schollar, […]

Did Jesus Say a 35% Top Tax Bracket is Too Low?

President Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to attempt to persuade Christians and Jews that our beliefs obligate us to support his politics and the godless religion of progressivism with its irrational faith in the power of large, bureaucratic, administrative government to make the people better. After briefly acknowledging the benefits of “turning to our […]

Is The Problem Military Or Entitlement Spending?

Facing voters who are anxious about the government’s unprecedented deficits and debt President Obama seeks to portray himself – falsely – as a spending cutter.  He and the Democrats have decided it’s time to focus on the military budget.  Their campaign rhetoric is familiar: “The growing deficits are caused by ever increasing cost of the […]