Obama’s Class Envy Vs Economic Reality (1)

President Obama’s reelection campaign is largely an effort to influence people who don’t pay much attention to politics.  If you visit sites like this one you are probably more interested and better informed than the Obama campaign’s target audience. The President’s call for tax increases on high income earners is a good example.  It’s an […]

Taxpayers Have Already Paid Revenue Increases!

President Obama and the Democrats keep trying to shift the blame for seemingly endless economic misery from themselves to the very taxpayers who have delivered more revenue to the government than anyone thought was possible just a few months ago. By now virtually every American has heard President Obama, the Democrats and the media chorus […]

The Looming Debt Crisis Driven by Spending

Congressmen and Senators from the Left are at it again.  On the Sunday talk shows they renewed their call for tax increases as if the deficit crisis was caused by lack of revenue rather than their own profligate spending.   Publicly available data from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) debunks their position. The […]

Tax Revenue Up Sharply, Without Tax Rate Increase

We’ve heard a lot about the deficit and the “cost” of continuing the current individual income tax rates (also known as the Bush tax rates) Vs the tax rate increase demanded by President Obama and Congressional Democrats. But we heard silence from the media and the politicians last week after the Treasury Department released its […]

The Best Kept Secrets in the Tax Cut Debate

Don’t look for this data in the establishment media. As the chart shows tax revenue is growing again, as the private sector claws back from recession. President Obama and the Democrats blame their massive deficits on the Bush tax cuts, especially for “the rich.”  The political-media establishment rarely reports that: Individual income tax revenue increased […]

Bush Tax Cuts: Same Old Washington Game

Fifty two subsidies, tax credits and handouts added to the Bush Tax Cut Extension Bill Last week President Obama announced The Deal.  He and Republican leaders agreed to resolve the pending expiration of the existing (Bush) tax rates by enacting a two year extension.  If Congress takes no action to amend legislation passed in 2003 […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (5) Running Out The Clock

UPDATE: Democrats have announced they are unwilling to bring the President’s compromise tax plan to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. Much of the communication from the political establishment targets people who are not inclined to spend hours verifying “information” in the media.  After the Bush tax cuts were enacted in […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (4) Joe Biden’s Folly

An exhaustive interview of Vice President Joe Biden was recently  published in GQ.   Asked when the economy would finally turn around he answered: I say we have turned it around, and here’s how we’re gonna create the jobs. We’re not gonna go back to those policies that in fact stripped you of your job. Look, […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (3)

The No-Jobs-During-the-Bush-Years Myth The tax rates implemented by the Bush tax cuts of 2003 are still in effect but are set to expire January 1 if Congress does not act. President Obama and the Democrats want to raise tax rates on those who earn more than $200,000. Half the over-$200,000 taxpayers targeted for an increase […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (1)

As a “compromise” with Democrats who opposed it, the 2003 legislation that enacted the Bush tax cuts included an expiration date: 12/31/2010. The current, lame duck Congressional session is the last chance for the current Democrat majority to extend the Bush tax rates and prevent a substantial increase on every American who pays income tax. […]

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