Economic Alarm Signals: Does Anyone Hear?

If the economy falls in America but the President, and the Congress ignore it, will The People suffer? On Friday the Commerce Department issued a sharply downward revision of its GDP report for the first quarter of 2015.  Instead of growing at a miniscule 0.2% the economy contracted.  GDP came down 0.7%. The establishment media […]

Has Another Recession Already Begun?

What may become the most significant news economic news of 2014 was nearly ignored by the political-media establishment. The Commerce Department published its third and final revision to its quarterly GDP report.  The economy contracted by 2.9% during the first quarter of 2014. As the chart shows we were already suffering through the weakest of […]

A Bittersweet Jobs Milestone

America’s six-year experiment with progressive economic theories has proved those theories invalid.  Now is the time to replicate the successful economic strategies of the 1980s. The Labor Department’s monthly jobs report marked a long awaited milestone that, had it occurred in 2010 would have been cause for jubilation.  But in 2014 it’s a grim reminder […]

ObamaNomics Debunks Establishment Economists

The biggest government spending surge ever bought us the weakest jobs recovery in 80 years. After three months of moderately strong job growth the establishment media had been crowing that the economy was no longer an election issue, improving President Obama’s shot at a second term.  But then the Labor Department released a disappointing jobs […]

Tragedy of The Obama Presidency In One Chart

The chart compares  GDP growth in recent quarters with the first ten quarters of the decade of strong economic growth, prosperity and job creation that began after President Reagan’s 1982 tax cuts and deregulation initiatives. In the forth quarter (October, November, December) of 2011 Gross Domestic Product, the value of all the goods and services […]

Promises of Economic Magic Meet Grim Reality

“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling the economy?” The March 2009 Gallup poll came at the end of months of hype that apparently convinced a majority that this charismatic new President was so brilliant, so financially clever that he could restore all the lost jobs, plus create millions of […]

We’re Living Through a Rerun of Hoover Economics

Desperate to block any spending cuts the Democrats and their media supporters are now resurrecting three myths regarding President Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. Economist and Progressive hero Paul Krugman, provides an example in his latest New York Times editorial: More than three years after we entered the worst economic slump since the 1930s, […]

How Ronald Reagan Won A 49 State Landslide

On Ronald Reagan’s 99th birthday, lets remember why he was re-elected in a 49 state landslide, winning the most Electoral College votes in American history. Compare the results of Reagan’s principled, liberty-based policies with the results of the current chaos in Washington Yet another disappointing employment report was released Friday – 20,000 jobs lost in […]

We Have Met The Enemy, and He Is Us (2)

aaa.again is the nom de plume of a frequent commenter who has agreed to be a contributing writer.  He writes from the perspective of decades of success in business, finance and entrepreneurial enterprise.   Learn more about him on the About Us page. Voters: Short Memories, a Selective View of the Facts and a Strange […]