Politics Vs Economic Principles

At his news conference Wednesday President Obama insisted on tax increases for “the wealthy” a strategy that directly targets small and medium sized businesses that are most likely to create jobs.  He was reminded by a reporter that he had agreed in 2010 to give up fighting for tax hikes and keep all the Bush […]

Two More Versions of What Obama Claims He Said

In one day the Obama campaign frantically pumped out two new videos with two new and conflicting claims regarding what Obama “really” said, when his actual words, recorded on video were: If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen. The President’s entire rant against high income taxpayers, most […]

Obama’s Contempt for Entrepreneurs

By now most Americans have heard that President Obama spiced up a campaign speech with the words, If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen. This remark brought a deserved round of criticism, especially from Mitt Romney. President Obama’s allies in the media immediately disparaged the critics, insisting […]

A Community Organizer’s Business Insights

President Obama offers an irrelevant, misleading statistic to justify his politically motivated call for a tax increase on small business employers The White House notified us that the President would make a major announcement regarding taxes.  All of America was interested because due to political malfeasance the Bush tax rates, enacted nine years ago are […]

Harry Reid is Either Ignorant or Lying

Speaking from the floor of the United States Senate yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid resorted to an outright lie to sell his plan to increase tax rates on high income business owners and investors: Senate Republicans…oppose our plan [for] a tiny sur-tax on on a tiny fraction of America’s highet earners…Republicans call our plan a […]

Entrepreneurs: America’s Most Endangered Species

President Obama and the Democrats, who claim creating jobs is their highest priority, should consider the data in this chart, from the August jobs report. For decades federal and state governments have continuously added to the costs and bureaucratic complexity that drag on the entrepreneur.  In its first two years the Obama Administration has initiated […]

Government Drives Unemployment

The Labor Department published new small business statistics last week. Due to waves of new regulation, Expensive new employer mandates in ObamaCare, and continuous threats of tax increases on entrepreneurs and investors there are were fewer new businesses in 2010 than at any time since the government began counting them in 1993.  

Grim Reality of the ObamaCare Tax Credit

Newly released IRS Regulations show the actual value of the ObamaCare Small Business Tax Credit does not measure up to the hype. Throughout the run-up to passage of ObamaCare in Congress, and in the re-selling campaign since passage, the President has continuously touted its “small business tax credit.”  Here’s a typical Obama quote from a […]

President Blows Off Business Owner’s Tax Question

Yesterday President Obama held a town hall, answering questions submitted over the Internet, and from people in the audience. One man in the audience asked: Today my question is, as a small-business owner, my company is still profitable.  We’re still growing, we’re still hiring.  The money that I make as a profit, I’m plowing right […]

ObamaNomics: Exploitation, Hype & Deceit (2)

In a March 9 Wall Street Journal Guest Editorial,  Obama Economic Adviser Laura D’Andrea Tyson attempted to overcome growing opposition to ObamaNomics, with several deceptions.  This is the second in a series of posts exposing those deceptions.  Click on the ObamaNomics logo to see the first. President Bush’s tax cuts are scheduled to expire at […]

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