The Great Health Care Melodrama: Act III

Previously: Prelude Act I Act II During Act II, the Health Care Summit, Representative Joe Barton articulated the principles that have guided Republicans’ response to the Democrats’ massive health insurance and health care regulation bills: I do think, though, that there is a fundamental difference in the vision that you and your friends on the […]

Democrats’ Grim Choices in Post-Constitutional America

This week we have seen what post-Constitutional government looks like.  No-limit government means our liberty, rights, and prosperity are always subject to the whims of erratic political forces in Washington. Whether or not we the people will be subjugated by an authoritarian government take-over of health care, with it’s  resultant loss of liberty, impenetrable bureaucratic […]

The Great Health Care Melodrama: Act II

The so-called bipartisan summit took all day and, after the first hour, anesthetized the TV audience. It didn’t turn out the way President Obama and the Democrats had hoped.   The Republican leaders, starting with a very articulate Senator Lamar Alexander were obviously better organized and in better command of the facts than Nancy Pelosi or […]

ObamaCare 3.0 More of the Same Flim Flam

On Monday President Obama posted his version of ObamaCare on the White House web site.  As we noted in our previous article, it isn’t in legislative form, ready for Congress to vote.  It’s a marketing brochure, mostly recycled from previous speeches and campaign communications. The so-called “President’s Plan” is merely a list of promised benefits […]

The Great ObamaCare Melodrama: Act 1

This week, President Obama and the Democrats are producing a five-day Health Care Melodrama.  Liberty Works will provide updates as each act and scene unfolds. First installment in this series: Prelude Last year the House and Senate each passed a version of ObamaCare.  This morning the Obama version of ObamaCare was posted on the White […]

The Great ObamaCare Melodrama: Prelude

This week, President Obama and the Democrats are producing a five-day Health Care Melodrama.  Liberty Works will provide updates as each act and scene unfolds. In best melodrama tradition, the Obama script is contrived to present to the audience – you – an emotional story of good Vs evil.  The entire political-media establishment will serve […]

Alarming Data: Big Government Starving Itself

The private sector’s ability and willingness to generate income and profits for government to seize through taxation is rapidly diminishing due to the increase in federal power and intervention. The drop in individual income tax revenue in fiscal 2009 was the steepest since 1939.  As the chart shows revenue continues to plummet in fiscal 2010 […]

Another Commission To Save Congress From Itself

On February 4 President Obama submitted his proposed budget to Congress, including the most spending and largest single year deficit in the history of America. On February 18 he announced the formation of a yet another Washington “commission,” this one to study government deficits and recommend ways to reduce them, as if there were some […]

Recovery Act One Year Progress Report

UPDATE: This week President Obama began a campaign style tour to hype the “success” of the Recovery Act or “stimulus.”  He said without it there would heave been “a catastrophe.” But he did not provide any details as to the nature of the catastrophe.  Considering the data below it’s pretty difficult to characterize employment as […]

Pitiful Jobs Projection From The Obama Team

The Obama Administration’s economic team sent a report to Congress Thursday projecting 96 Thousand new jobs per month for the remaining eleven months of 2010. Just two weeks ago, in his State of the Union message President Obama sneered: We can’t afford another so-called economic “expansion” like the one from the last decade –- what […]

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