Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 51

On 8/30 General Stanley McChrystal submitted his comprehensive plan to accomplish the Afghanistan mission President Obama declared.  He and the troops continue to struggle, and continue to wait for their Commander in Chief to make a decision. On October 20, White House Press Secretary Gibbs told reporters that consideration of General McChrystal’s report and resource […]

General Eisenhower’s D-Day Message to The Troops

This is an actual copy of the message from Supreme Allied Commander, General Eisenhower, given to many of the troops as they left England and sailed or flew across the channel to France for the D-Day Invasion. Those who didn’t receive a paper copy heard the message read by Eisenhower himself, over loudspeakers aboard the […]

Obama Almost Conceedes Success in Iraq

The President made a surprise visit to Iraq today and made some brief remarks to a large gathering of troops at Camp Victory, near Baghdad. Click to watch the 8 minute video: President Obama Visits Iraq The President was well received by the troops and enthusiastically embraced his role as Commander in Chief.  He came […]

General Petraeus’s Last Letter to the Troops in Iraq

“You have been builders and diplomats as well as guardians and warriors.” . “Your accomplishments have in fact been the stuff of history.” .

Afghanistan: More Troops Needed

Commander of International Troops in Afghanistan, GEN David McKiernan says there is a need for more ground forces in Afghanistan. (90 second video) .

The Inevitable Outcome of Obama’s 16 Month Plan

The last time the anti-war left convinced America to “end” a war, by abandoning the people who believed we were their allies and had been loyal to us was 1975. Virtually all American troops had come home from Vietnam, after training the South Vietnamese army to take over defense of their country, with the support […]

You Can Help Provide a Home for An Injured Hero

There are virtually no homes for sale anywhere in America that have been built or altered to meet the special needs of amputees, paraplegics or quadriplegics. Building or remodeling homes to accommodate the needs of severely wounded warriors is the way “Homes for Our Troops” thanks service members. Homes for Our Troops serves men and […]

Iraqi Children Eager to Learn English

Half the population of Iraq is under 18 and those children and teens have experienced a lot of interaction with our troops. The future leaders of Iraq will have received medical care, school supplies, tens of thousands of soccer balls and warm friendship from the best men and women America has to offer. In this […]

The D-Day Congress and the Iraq War Congress

On the anniversary of D-Day a number of spineless Senators and Congressmen of the Democrat persuasion could learn important lessons from the Democratic Congress and Democratic President of World War II. While the American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of 1945 lacked many of the technological advantages today’s troops have, they did have one major […]