Voters Choose: ObamaNomics or Reaganomics

On November 6, 1984 voters rewarded President Ronald Reagan with a record shattering reelection victory.  Twenty Eight years later November 6, 2012, President Barack Obama’s reelection odds appear to be even at best. The Commerce Department has released it’s quarterly report.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up 2% during the third quarter, 2012.  While the […]

ObamaNomics Vs The Little Guy & His Family

President Obama’s reelection campaign was based almost entirely on allegations that Mitt Romney was morally disqualified for office because he was “for the rich” while Obama was “for the little guy and his family.”  But since the first day of the Obama Administration it has been “the little guy” who needs employment, and his family, […]

Obama’s Debate Gaffe the Media Ignored

Can government pay for new infrastructure initiatives with imaginary money? The President has contradicted himself several times, most recently during the second debate. But so far the media have been too obsessed with Romney’s binders to notice.  In the first debate President Obama was asked about the deficit.  His answer, in part, was: When I […]

Obama’s Small Business Tax Deception

During the Second Presidential Debate, to head off the valid criticism that his tax increase on “the wealthy” would curtail small business expansion and thus limit job creation, President Obama asserted this misleading, irrelevant statistic: So what I’ve said is, your first $250,000.00 worth of income, no change. And that means…97 percent of small businesses, they […]

Bush Tax cuts: Revenue From Top 2% Went Up

Obama’s case against the Bush Tax Cuts is based on misinformation and deception. Third in a three part series:  Part 1  Part 2 During his debate with Paul Ryan Vice President Biden attempted to deceive us regarding the Bush tax cuts and Romney’s proposed tax cuts.  In a jumble incomprehensible sentence fragments he hurled out […]

Romney’s Realistic Tax Cut Promise

Second in a three part series:  Part 1    Part 3 Mitt Romney has proposed across the board tax cuts to all the tax bracket rates to help revive America’s halting economy.  This is a proven strategy that will enable businesses to grow by reinvesting after tax profits and expand the pool of investment capital available […]

History Debunks Obama’s Tax Cut Nonsense

No historical precedent supports Obama’s wild allegation that Romney’s tax plan will result in a $5 trillion revenue loss. First of a three part series:  Part 2   Part 3 The Charts below demonstrate that Mitt Romney’s tax proposals are perfectly reasonable and, based on historical precedent, can increase income tax revenue without increasing the tax […]