Theory Behind ObanaNomics is a Proven Hoax

Rarely has there been a better opportunity to judge the validity of economic ideas than the last four, miserable years.  We have experienced in real time an audacious experiment, testing the theory of economist and progressive hero John Maynard Keynes that the government can buy prosperity by spending enormous amounts of borrowed money and the […]

President Obama’s “Smart Cuts”

The President has submitted his 2014 budget to Congress.  At a White House media event he spoke of  “deficit reduction” and claimed to have proposed  “smart cuts” in spending. 

Revised GDP Report Confirms Failure

During his first two years, with the support of commanding Democratic Party majorities in Congress, President Obama placed the biggest bet in US history on centralized government power.  The People lost.  We’re still losing. The Commerce Department just published its final revision of the 4th quarter 2012 GDP growth rate.  From October through December the […]