Obama Designs a Tax Plan to Prevent New Jobs

President Obama introduced his plan to “pay for” his so-called “American Jobs Act” with a classic political straddle: Nobody wants to punish success in America…this is the land of opportunity. That’s great. All I’m saying is that those who have done well, including me, should pay our fair share in taxes to contribute to the […]

Entrepreneurs Need Liberty, Not More Bosses

This chart confirms the obvious: when self-employed entrepreneurs go out of business, part of the cost is  lost employment opportunities. (Continued below the chart) For decades federal and state governments have continuously added to the costs and bureaucratic complexity that drag on the entrepreneur.  The Obama Administration has initiated a tsunami of new regulations and […]

Millionaire Tax: Obama Stirs Emotion, Ignores History

In his speech and in the “plan” he sent Congress President Obama sought to improve his reelection chances by stimulating the base human emotions of envy and resentment when he demanded that Congress enact punitive tax hikes on Americans with million dollar incomes. Encouraging voters to blame their anxieties, fears and financial stress on the […]

Obama Teleprompter Malfunction

President Obama stepped in front of the cameras in the white House Rose Garden and gave an angry speech to promote his “plan for deficit reduction.”   But two, contradictory segments from his remarks are typical of the chaotic lack of focus and consistency usually associated with politics, not serious policy debate. Most of the speech […]

American Jobs Act Designed to Choke Off Job Creation

Earlier we reported that President Obama’s “American Jobs Act” estimated to cost $447 billion in 2012 would, in his words, be “fully paid for” not by actually paying for it with cuts in other spending in 2012, or even with tax increases in 2012.  No, Obama’s “pay for  it” means that over a period of […]

With “Experts” Like Krugman Progressives are Clueless

Paul Krugman, the Progressive’s favorite “economist” pontificated again from his New York Times tower, far from the realities of Main Street.  Astoundingly, Krugman says the problem is the government has not yet borrowed and spent enough to haul the economy out of recession.  Here’s an excerpt: I don’t mean to dismiss concerns about the long-run […]

Obama’s Jobs Speech: The Fierce Urgency of Zero

On August 15  President Obama made headlines with a surprise announcement tucked into one his long rambling answers to a question from a town hall audience in Decorah, Iowa: I’ll be putting forward, when [Congress] comes back in September, a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs, and to control our deficit. […]

Zero Jobs: The Needless Misery Continues

The Chart compares the results of the Obama strategy of massive government borrowing, spending and intervention in the private sector with the results of the Reagan approach of deregulation, lower income tax rates and greater liberty. Employers added ZERO new jobs in August. The statistics for June and July were revised, showing 58,000 fewer jobs […]