ObamaCare Vs The Constitution (2)

From the very beginning, the ObamaCare arguments before the Supreme Court were a lesson in the folly of ignoring the wisdom of our Constitution, a charter for a government with just a few, limited, enumerated powers.  Solicitor General Verrilli, whose unenviable assignment was to defend ObamaCare opened things up: “The Affordable Care Act addresses a […]

ObamaCare Vs The Constitution at the Supreme Court

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Constitutionality of the ObamaCare individual mandate.  It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the significance of this case to the future of liberty in America. If the Court upholds ObamaCare it will have struck down America’s most fundamental, founding principle, that the power of government must be […]

Romney, Santorum and The Etch-a-Sketch Gaffes

Eric Fehrnstrom, Communications Director for the Romney campaign put his foot in it during a TV interview. First the question from the CNN Host: Is there a concern that the pressure from Santorum and Gingrich might force [Romney] to tack so far to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general […]

No Silver Bullets But Plenty of Oil

In at least a dozen speeches, press conferences and weekly addresses since the recent spike in gas prices President Obama bellowed the same scripted lines: There is no such thing as a quick fix to high gas prices.  There is no silver bullet.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is riding the political wave of the […]

Unprecedented Jobs Crisis

They popped  Champagne corks at Obama-2012 HQ and the media cheered.  The Labor Department jobs report for February does look better than the grim statistics the Obama Administration first three years.  Employers added 227,000 jobs in February.  The January report was revised upward to 284,000, adding up to best two months since President Obama was […]

Can The Rich Afford Obama’s Fair Share?

Since President Obama wants you to believe that the wealthy paying a “fair share” is the key to balancing the budget and funding all his big government dreams, here’s a what-if exercise that puts his demagoguery in perspective. What if the government could simply seize all the wealth of the nine richest people in America?  […]

Soaring Gas Prices: Result of Wilfull Obama Policy

President Obama is betting the economy and your children’s future on his dream that unproven energy ideas based on biofuels, solar, wind, and batteries not yet invented, will replace oil, coal and natural gas to ensure his place in history, as the visionary who “transformed” America. The media didn’t pay much attention to Secretary of […]