The Gas Tax Ruse

Hillary Clinton has joined John McCain in calling for a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax. Unfortunately, this proposal is a just a campaign gimmick. The federal gas tax is 18.3¢ per gallon. Based on national averages, the typical driver consumes about 50 gallons a month, and thus pays about $9.00 gas tax per […]

Reverend Wright Roars; Obama Cringes

Jeremiah Wright has come to bury Obama, not to praise him. In a speech at an NAACP dinner on Sunday, Reverend Wright said the brains of African American children are different from the brains of “European American” children. He gave an incoherent lesson on brain dominance, claimed one race was left brain and another race […]

Anthem to The Subprime Candidate

Listen to them Chanting: O-BA-MA; O-BA-MA!

Time Demeans Heroic Marines

At the end of 1944 the war against Imperial Japan was three years old and had cost the lives of 21,500 Sailors and Marines. American military strategists, hoping to force an early Japanese surrender deployed a newly available weapon, the B-29 Super-fortress, “very-long-range” bomber. From bases on the islands of Saipan and Tinian the B-29s […]

What About Social Security?

Obama’s struggle against the blow-back from his “bitter-people-cling-to-religion- guns-and-bigotry” remarks included the admission, in the video below, that many people… “…don’t believe they can count on Washington.” Well, DUH! Of course they don’t believe they can trust government. Why should they? The grand schemes of politicians never play out as promised and always subject The […]

More from Obama on Whats the Matter With US

A couple of lines jump out from Obama’s apologia, that was posted on YouTube by the Obama Campaign: “…they take refuge in their faith and their community and their families and things they can count on.” And why do these small town bumpkins foolishly seek such refuge? Because… “…they don’t believe they can count on […]

Who is Barrack Obama, Really?

In 2003, as he campaigned for the Presidency, Howard Dean revealed his contemptuous view of Southerners as easily manipulated by Republicans to ignore “issues of common interest,” by which he meant of course, new or expanded government programs he hoped to offer  in exchange votes.   Instead, Dean said, Republicans duped these Southern rubes into basing […]

The Clintons’ Obsolete Spin Machine

Bill Clinton is the old general losing battles with obsolete weapons and tactics from the last war.

Is More Rev. Wright Distress in Obama’s Future?

The internet is buzzing with speculation that Barrack Obama will soon have to confront another embarrassing revelation: It is rumored that Reverend Wright is a former Muslim. Based on his recent writings and speeches he does seem to be share some of the opinions of the radical  Muslim leaders in the Middle East On the […]

Hillary Asks Al Qaeda’s Number One Question

Today was the first day of Senate hearings to hear updated reports from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker on progress of the Iraq operation.  Most of the questions from Republicans, with the exception of  Senator Hagel, were oriented toward achieving eventual success.  They asked about achievements so far and about what additional goals had to […]

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