We Can’t Even Acknowledge Terrorism In Russia?

The Russian Intelligence Service announced that Friday’s spectacular train wreck was caused by “a homemade terrorist bomb.”  The Moscow-St. Petersburg train was traveling at 125 mph when the explosion caused it to derail, killing at least 26 people.  The Russians have opened a “terrorism investigation.” The Obama Administration responded with what has become the tediously […]

Plunging Support for Obama & Health Care

Reid Senate Bill: Stealth Transition to Single Payer

The Political left has always favored a government, “single payer” health care system.  Every citizen’s medical services would be paid for by the government.  There would be no private health insurance.  Even those with the means to pay cash for services would not be allowed to do so. With minor modifications, single payer is the […]

Garbage-in-Garbage Out: CBO Scores Reid Bill

On November 18 Senate Majority Leader Reid received preliminary estimates (also called “score”) from the Congressional Budget Office for his 2,000 page package of new Health Care bureaucracies, taxes, subsidies, and mandates.  It began with an estimated… …net reduction in federal deficits of $130 billion over the 2010-2019 period. Reid ran to the cameras to […]

Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 80

President Obama gave brief interviews to several TV networks on his last day in China.  When asked about a decision on Afghanistan he said… “We are very close to a decision. I will announce that decision, certainly in the next several weeks. Several weeks?  Eleven weeks have already passed since Obama received General McChrystal’s exhaustive […]

Media Manufactures “Hate” From Scripture

Yesterday a reporter from The Christian Science Monitor emailed Liberty Works asking for a telephone interview with the captivating Mrs. BoomerJeff, regarding something she had written in a “tweet” on Twitter. She had, in jest, quoted a short scripture with reference to President Obama. “Let his years be few; let someone else take his position.” […]

Health Choices Commissioner: Absolute Power

Speaker Pelosi’s  Health Care Bill is a monument to duplicity and deceit.  It passed the House last week, and apparently will be introduced in the Senate soon. One of many misleading features is the title of a new federal official, the “Health Choices Commissioner.” One might infer from the title that the Commissioner’s job will […]

Evolving Attitudes Toward The Uninsured

September 9: In his major health care speech to a Joint Session of Congress, the President tried to evoke sympathy and compassion for those without health insurance: Everyone understands the extraordinary hardships that are placed on the uninsured, who live every day just one accident or illness away from bankruptcy.  These are not primarily people […]

Berlin Wall: Obama Excludes Reagan, Inserts Himself

President Obama couldn’t make time for a trip to Berlin on the 20th anniversary of the day when the wall was torn down.  But he did send the lucky Germans a three minute video of his sententious thoughts, including this: This anniversary is a reminder that human destiny will be what we make of it…Even […]

Pre-Existing Condititons & Political Deception

What if a bunch of politicians tried to make themselves look more generous and compassionate than the rest of us by passing a law to provide medical services to a few folks that urgently needed them but didn’t have the means to pay? What if those politicians contrived a way to force most of us […]

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