Shovel-Ready Economic Myths

We can thank Barack Obama and the Democrats for one historic accomplishment: They have proved beyond any doubt that Keynesian borrow-spend “stimulus” is a hoax. Government economists issued their quarterly GDP report on Friday, confirming what has become obvious to most Americans: the recovery is faltering and there is little chance of restoring the 7.8 […]

NY Mosque Update: “The World is Watching”

George Demos, Republican candidate for Congress from New York sent an open letter to President Obama challenging him to support the Christian church that was destroyed on 9-11 and still awaits permission to rebuild. Story of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church here

Compare Results: Obama Stimulus VS Bush Tax Cuts

The weekly unemployment insurance claims report was released Thursday.  There were 500,000 claims during the week ending August 14, a nine month high, and the fifth week of an uptrend. This chart compares Weekly Unemployment claims in the second year of the Obama stimulus with the second year of the Bush tax cuts. We’re half […]

Religious and Property Rights at Ground Zero

UPDATE: Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants an investigation of “the funding” of those who oppose the Mosque, 58% of voters according to Rasmussen.  We hope she does locate this funding source since we haven’t yet received our check! This is the second post on this topic.  In the previous post I discussed President Obama’s defense of […]

Obama’s Religious Rights Sanctimony

UPDATE 8/16: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s spokesperson says the Senator thinks “the Mosque should be built somewhere else.” Most readers are aware of the heated national debate over plans to build a 13 story Islamic Mosque (and maybe it’s also a cultural center – the propaganda is inconsistent) adjacent to ground zero in Manhattan […]

Beyond Those Bush Deficits

The Treasury Department released it’s monthly report on Wednesday. The one-month deficit for July was $165,043,000,000, or $5 Billion more than the “irresponsible Bush deficit” for the entire year of 2007.

A Bailout For Democrats’ Election Campaign

Since the first day of his Administration President Obama has fully exploited a recirculating funding and campaign support system with public employee unions that has no equivalent on the Republican side. The system is simple:  Democrats pass legislation to fund or subsidize states and municipalities that then hire more employees, who then pay more union […]

To Create Jobs Obama Can Pivot to Reaganomics

Another disappointing Jobs report was released by the Department of Labor on Friday.  America lost 131,000 jobs in July, the second month in a row of declining employment.   President Obama reacted during a speech at a sign factory in Washington: We know from studying the lessons of past recessions that climbing out of any recession, […]