Obama’s New Years Eve Duplicity

President Obama decided that New Years Eve, as the Senate was considering the fiscal cliff bill, would be a good time to mock Republican voters and the Representatives they elected.  So he organized a campaign style rally complete with a cheering audience of White House staffers.  He claimed the purpose of this media event was […]

Deficit Flim Flam: Claim Cuts But Spend More

Much of the political-media establishment’s “information” about massive government deficits and fiscal cliff negotiations is deception made possible by the arcane budgeting process in Congress.  President Obama didn’t invent the process.  But he’s an enthusiastic practitioner of the deception. [continued below the chart]While most of the “news” bout fiscal cliff negotiations has been about tax […]

Obama’s Debate Gaffe the Media Ignored

Can government pay for new infrastructure initiatives with imaginary money? The President has contradicted himself several times, most recently during the second debate. But so far the media have been too obsessed with Romney’s binders to notice.  In the first debate President Obama was asked about the deficit.  His answer, in part, was: When I […]

Obama’s Deficit Excuses are Preposterous

President Obama’s canned explanation for his enormous deficits is so ridiculous, so ludicrous, the so-called fact checkers of the establishment media would be spraying Pinocchios with a fire hose if he were a Republican. [Continued below the chart] A genuine explanation for the deficits would have to include thousands of spending line items, with entitlements […]

Consequences of a Failed Economic Gamble

During his first two years, with the support of commanding Democratic majorities in Congress, President Obama placed the biggest bet in US history on centralized government power.  We lost.  We’re still losing. The Commerce Department reports that the US economy grew at a rate of 1.5% during the second quarter.  The first chart compares the […]

Can The Rich Afford Obama’s Fair Share?

Since President Obama wants you to believe that the wealthy paying a “fair share” is the key to balancing the budget and funding all his big government dreams, here’s a what-if exercise that puts his demagoguery in perspective. What if the government could simply seize all the wealth of the nine richest people in America?  […]

Is Compromise a Dirty Word?

The latest propaganda from the political-media establishment is the assertion that the Grand Congressional Super Committee failed to agree on deficit reduction, and the government’s debt problems can’t be resolved because Republicans, driven by tea party activists “refuse to compromise.” Retired General and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell echoed the establishment view in a […]

Tax Hike Ultimatums Sink The Super Committee

The so-called Congressional Super Committee failed to reach a deficit reduction agreement even though success was absurdly easy:  simply adjust the “baseline” schedule of future spending by $1.2 trillion over ten years, beginning in 2013. Put another way, all they had to do was change the currently scheduled $44+ trillion of spending over ten years […]

Flim Flam and Fantasy From The Super Committee

Communication from the Congressional “Super Committee” reminds us of an overused gag from “I Love Lucy” and other early TV sitcoms.   Rickey comes home from work to learn that his ditzy wife Lucy has spent money they can’t afford on something they don’t need and he doesn’t want.  Lucy assures him the unneeded trinket […]

To The Super Committee: It’s The Spending! (2)

One would never know it from all the anguish expressed by the political-media establishment, but the Congressional Super Committee’s assignment is absurdly easy. This week the august Senators and Congressmen head into their final, dramatic days of deliberations.  Their assignment is to propose $1.2 trillion of “deficit reduction” over ten years, beginning 2013. In Washington […]

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