Five Years of Stimulus Debunks Keynesian Theory

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is now five years old.  Known affectionately as his “stimulus” it was President Obama’s first legislative triumph, attracting high praise and hosannas from the media. But today, stimulus advocates are on defense, trying to justify an additional trillion dollars in federal debt.  During a campaign style media event to […]

Did Obama’s Economic Plan “Work”?

In a recent campaign speech about taxes, jobs and the economy the President bellowed: “Just like we’ve tried their [Republican’s] plan, we’ve tried our plan, and it worked.  That’s the difference.  That’s the choice in this election.  That’s why I’m running for a second term.” How, in the face of America’s ongoing economic misery could […]

Obama Jobs Record Not Worthy of Your Vote

The Obama campaign, in a frenzy of spin, is trying to persuade us that recent employment statistics signal economic improvement for which we should thank President Obama by renewing for four more years his project to “transform America” by expanding the power and dominance of government in our lives.  At a campaign event following release […]

Another Devastating Jobs Report Confirms Failure

The Labor Department posted a grim jobs report for June, emphasizing America’s continuing economic misery. Employers added an anemic 18,000 jobs in June.  The May number was revised downward from 54,000 to 25,000 additional jobs. The unemployment rate ticked up to from 9.1% to 9.2% If the 2011 rate of job growth continues, it will […]

Obama Stimulus Jobs: Hope & Hype Vs Reality

If you believe the Administration’s math each stimulus job cost the government $222,000. It’s a Washington tradition.  Release information the President doesn’t want anyone to notice on Friday evening, especially before  a three day weekend. On Friday evening before the July 4 weekend the White House Council of economic Advisers published a report with the […]

The Bush “Lost Decade” Vs Hope & Change

In January 2010 President Obama made an assertion in his State of the Union message he hopes you forgot: We can’t afford another so-called economic “expansion” like the one from the last decade –- what some call the “lost decade” -– where jobs grew more slowly than during any prior expansion… The chart compares the […]

Happy Anniversary Stimulus

At the White House they’re celebrating the Second Anniversary of the enactment of the Obama Stimulus of 2009. Remember the arrogance and contempt toward those of us who knew the stimulus would fail to create jobs while running up catastrophic debt?   Scroll down to see a 20 second video segment of the President’s sneering […]

Obama Admits: No Such Thing As Shovel-Ready

Mr. President, we told you so 20 months ago. After interviewing President Obama the New York Times reports that he “realized too late” that, quoting the President: There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects. In February, 2009 four days after Congress voted to pass the giant Obama stimulus, that we were told would employ millions […]

Remember The Hype & Promises on Election Day

A Final, Pre-Election Review of ObamaNomics In February, 2009 President Obama sought to portray himself and Congress as heroic first responders, rescuing America from a soaring unemployment crisis.  In an editorial in the Washington Post he said in part: I feel such a sense of urgency about the recovery plan before Congress. With it, we […]

Shovel-Ready Political Hype

President Obama gave a labor day speech that was billed as the unveiling of a fabulous new “jobs program.”  In it he  inadvertently acknowledged the failure of his stimulus program. In spite of record unemployment the President had the chutzpah to begin his speech with bragging about his $864 billion stimulus, enacted 18 months ago […]

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