Politics Vs Economic Principles

At his news conference Wednesday President Obama insisted on tax increases for “the wealthy” a strategy that directly targets small and medium sized businesses that are most likely to create jobs.  He was reminded by a reporter that he had agreed in 2010 to give up fighting for tax hikes and keep all the Bush […]

Bush Tax cuts: Revenue From Top 2% Went Up

Obama’s case against the Bush Tax Cuts is based on misinformation and deception. Third in a three part series:  Part 1  Part 2 During his debate with Paul Ryan Vice President Biden attempted to deceive us regarding the Bush tax cuts and Romney’s proposed tax cuts.  In a jumble incomprehensible sentence fragments he hurled out […]

Romney’s Realistic Tax Cut Promise

Second in a three part series:  Part 1    Part 3 Mitt Romney has proposed across the board tax cuts to all the tax bracket rates to help revive America’s halting economy.  This is a proven strategy that will enable businesses to grow by reinvesting after tax profits and expand the pool of investment capital available […]

History Debunks Obama’s Tax Cut Nonsense

No historical precedent supports Obama’s wild allegation that Romney’s tax plan will result in a $5 trillion revenue loss. First of a three part series:  Part 2   Part 3 The Charts below demonstrate that Mitt Romney’s tax proposals are perfectly reasonable and, based on historical precedent, can increase income tax revenue without increasing the tax […]

Will Romney Have to Raise Middle Class Taxes?

One of President Obama’s continuous campaign attack lines is the claim that Mitt Romney has, in Obama’s words: …a plan to give trillions in new tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy, a plan that could cost the typical middle class family $2,000 a year. In his convention speech former President Bill Clinton said Romney […]

Ask Obama Who’s Not “Doing Their Fair Share”

In a rational world a President would honor these people as economic heroes who do far more than their “fair share.” This week the Obama campaign transitions from gay marriage to placing blame for the looming government debt crisis on the only people who are doing anything to alleviate it.  He continues to insist that […]

Obama 2012: Pureile Theatrics and $40 Pizzas

There is no bottom to President Obama’s political deception and class warfare pit. If you followed this week’s drama in Washington you know the House passed a bill that would extend the temporary payroll tax reduction for another year.  The Senate responded with a bill that would extend it for only two months.  Republicans finally […]

Are American Taxes High or Low?

The government’s deficit/debt crisis has united a majority of Americans in demanding significant spending cuts.  Those who have built their political careers, on continuously expanding tax supported government programs, grants, subsidies, and entitlements – we’ll call them “looters”- are naturally alarmed.  As always they seek to deflect blame away from themselves to taxpayers, especially the […]

Tax Revenue Up Sharply, Without Tax Rate Increase

We’ve heard a lot about the deficit and the “cost” of continuing the current individual income tax rates (also known as the Bush tax rates) Vs the tax rate increase demanded by President Obama and Congressional Democrats. But we heard silence from the media and the politicians last week after the Treasury Department released its […]

The Bush “Lost Decade” Vs Hope & Change

In January 2010 President Obama made an assertion in his State of the Union message he hopes you forgot: We can’t afford another so-called economic “expansion” like the one from the last decade –- what some call the “lost decade” -– where jobs grew more slowly than during any prior expansion… The chart compares the […]

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