The Phony Campaign Against Lobbyists

The New York Times article attempting to smear McCain is virtually baseless. But it does call attention to a perennial political hot button: lobbyists. Already there are demands from the media for John McCain to “explain his relationships with lobbyists – what has he done for them?” Politicians from both parties, especially John McCain, regularly […]

New York Times is First to Divorce McCain

On February 2, after the New York Times endorsed John McCain, we predicted that the media would turn against him as soon as his nomination was assured. Today, right on cue, The Times features a hit piece on its front page. Ditto, the Washington Post. The Times article begins with a smug allegation that during […]

The Clintons Have Just Begun to Fight

One would expect the party that wants to abolish the Electoral College, the party of simplistic slogans like “count every vote,” to have a simple, straight-forward procedure for selecting it’s nominee. One would expect the Democrat Party to have the most, uh, democratic process. One would be wrong. The Democrat Party’s delegate selection rules read […]

What Happens When The Media Divorce McCain?

Informed Conservatives know that trusting John McCain with the Presidency would be a gamble, at best. Much has been written and said in recent days about McCain’s history of comments and legislative initiatives that offend Conservative values. But, we’re told, John McCain is best positioned against Obama or the Clintons because he has the support […]