President Obama’s “Smart Cuts”

The President has submitted his 2014 budget to Congress.  At a White House media event he spoke of  “deficit reduction” and claimed to have proposed  “smart cuts” in spending. 

Democrats’ Latest Debt Ceiling Offer: No Tax Hikes

Senate majority Leader Harry Reid is now willing to make a debt ceiling deal without tax increases just to avoid another debt ceiling deadline before the election.  The final week before the debt ceiling deadline begins with two new debt ceiling plans.  These plans are not yet available on line so all we know about […]

Debt Ceiling Debate: “Balance” vs Confronting Reality

Before we agree to President Obama’s demand for tax increases shouldn’t we take a look at what brought us to this moment of debt crisis? In his third debt-ceiling press conference President Obama called for a “balanced approach” or “balanced package” seven times.  By this he meant immediate tax rate increases and spending cuts to […]

Barack Obama Owns This Debt Crisis

The Obama Administration’s fiscal and budget policy is simple: Position the President to blame others for the debt crisis and to take the credit if the relatively few competent adults who serve in Congress manage to resolve it. With the (2nd) debt ceiling deadline looming, and secret, high-level negotiations on-going, President Obama appears and reappears, […]

Obama’s Deficit Hustle (3)

President Obama’s deficit narrative is a hoax. In what has become his campaign stump speech he makes a series of assertions that upon scrutiny prove to be baseless and to contradict publicly available data from his own Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  He claims that during the Bush years: …we made the [deficit] problem […]

Obama’s Deficit Hustle (2)

Are Millionaires and Billionaires the Problem? In his speech on government debt last week President Obama sought to exploit the complexity of the tax system to deceive The People.  Our previous post debunks his implication that President Bush caused the current debt crisis.  Further into his speech he implied that “millionaires and billionaires” were to […]

Cheer, Don’t Sneer at The Spending Cut Deal

There has been lot of bitter disappointment from conservative and libertarian commentators since President Obama and Speaker Boehner announced “The Deal” last Friday night that will cut some $38 billion from 2011 spending.  Here are a couple of examples: my good friend over at The-Classic-Liberal and a commentator at RedState. The critics are right that […]

Fog of War: Fiery Debate Over TWO Annual Budgets

April, 2011 will go down in history as the beginning of both the 2012 Presidential Campaign, and the most significant debate over the appropriate roles of the federal government since the 1930s. Congress has been arm wrestling over BOTH the 2011 and the 2012 annual budgets at the same time.  The media, apparently oblivious to […]

The Budget Tragicomedy in Congress

The drama is overwrought, and the debate is thundering.  But the substance is trifling. On february 20 The Republican House of Representatives passed a bill that would cut a mere $61 Billion from the Obama’s $3.5 Trillion spending plan for 2011. My first reaction was disappointment after such big talk during the campaign.   I was […]

The Same Keynesian Jobs Hoax In Reverse

Congressional Democrats and their supporters are alarmed by any discussion of spending cuts and are trying to convince us it would be disastrous to “slash” 2011 spending from $3.819 trillion projected by the Obama Administration all the way down to $3.759 trillion proposed by the new GOP majority in the House of Representatives. Since the […]

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