Results Are In: Obama’s Keynesian Gamble Failed

Government economists issued their GDP report for the fourth quarter of 2010 on Friday.  The report confirmed again that the largest and most aggressive test of Keynesian stimulus theory ever tried has failed. President Obama and his advisers promised that a massive Keynesian “stimulus” in the form of Trillions in deficit spending would result in  […]

Deficit Alarm Ringing: Urgent Action Required

The Congressional Budget Office released its annual Budget and Economic Outlook last week.  It demonstrates the urgency of the mission voters elected Republicans to undertake. CBO’s projections are based on, quoting from the report: …the assumption that current laws governing taxes and spending will remain unchanged. The government’s fiscal year began on October 1, so […]

Obama-Speak Translated Into American English

President Obama is nothing if not an accomplished practitioner of Washington-Speak.  As a public service we’ve translated some of the words and phrases from his State of The Union Speech into Main Street, American English. “Invest” – Spend “Investments” – Government programs and alternative energy schemes “Poised for progress” – My bureaucracy is working on […]

A Positive Proposal in State of The Union

America should be the best, not one of the worst places on the planet to do business! The State of the Union speech was long and as usual, was bland after expectations were built by weeks of media hype.  For the most part President Obama dug in his heels and avoided any concessions to his […]

State Of The Union Preview

The media are reporting that President Obama will attempt to use his State of The Union speech to divert the national focus from the government’s catastrophic debt to America’s competitive position internationally, the latest designated crisis that won’t go to waste. The message apparently will be that competitiveness has suffered because the federal government spends […]

Two Years of ObamaNomics: A Progress Update

This month President Obama celebrates the second anniversary of his Administration. President Obama’s  promises included: Put an end to “irresponsible Bush deficits.” Improve economic conditions for the middle class. Make America more prosperous by restricting conventional energy production and subsidizing the development of so-called “green energy.” Obama’s signature economic initiative was the $814 Billion “stimulus” […]

Debt Ceiling: Congress Must Slash Spending

On the second anniversary of the Obama Administration came the news that the government’s accumulated debt had crossed another portentous threshold and now exceeds $14 trillion. It took 51 weeks to grow from $12 trillion to $13 trillion. It took only 27 weeks to grow from $13 trillion to $14 Trillion The government’s fiscal year […]

ObamaCare Debunks “A Right to Health Care”

The health care debate begins again with legislation to repeal ObamaCare.  This Debate will not be settled until politicians from both parties confront the truth. What if a bunch of politicians tried to make themselves look extraordinarily clever and more compassionate than the rest of us by claiming that health care was “a right” and […]

Flashback: Bellicose Leftist Rhetoric

As the media herd stampedes to blame “vitriolic rhetoric” from conservative commentators and tea party folks for the shocking slaughter of innocents in Arizona, a reader suggested we reprise a video we first published in 2009 after the first round of tea party gatherings across the country on April 15 tax day. This is a […]

Local Sheriff Among the First and Worst

Following Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s lead, politicians and Commentators from the Left rushed to blame their political adversaries for the mass shooting and killing in Arizona It’s hard to find strong enough language to express the horror and outrage most of us experienced when we heard that a man had shot twenty people at a meet-and-greet […]

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