Are the Deficits Caused by Wars “Not Paid For?”

On October 1, the first day of the 2011 fiscal year, Democrats adjourned Congress without passing a budget for 2011, and without holding any votes on the soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts.   Thus, taxes, spending and deficits have become central issues in the Congressional campaign. In their desperation Democrats and their media cheer-leaders have revived […]

Blame Bush for Everything…Except Success in Iraq

Vice President Biden appeared on the Larry King program Wednesday.  When King asked him about Iraq he said: I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. […]

Obama Almost Conceedes Success in Iraq

The President made a surprise visit to Iraq today and made some brief remarks to a large gathering of troops at Camp Victory, near Baghdad. Click to watch the 8 minute video: President Obama Visits Iraq The President was well received by the troops and enthusiastically embraced his role as Commander in Chief.  He came […]

How Much Will ObamaNomics Cost?

How much is $819 Billion? How much is the Stimulus?  Obama Stimulus: How much will it cost? The House of Representatives has passed President Obama’s so-called “Stimulus Package.”  The price tag is $819 Billion.  According to the Wall Street Journal and other sources,  Senate version is likely to be than $900 billion. Since it’s difficult […]

Obama’s Iraq Reversal: Three More Years of Bush Policies

Today, Barack Obama announced several cabinet appointments.  The media, ever enthralled by the drama that engulfs the Clintons, have focused on the choice of Hillary Clinton to serve as Secretary of State.  But another selection will surely be more news worthy in the coming months. Barack Obama owes a lot to the voters of the […]

Progress in Iraq The Media Herd Forgot to Report

Three weeks ago was another milestone in the march to victory and success in Iraq.  Responsibility for security in al Anbar Province, formerly the most violent in Iraq, was handed over to Iraqi Security Forces.  In this 87 second video LtCol Christopher Hughes, US Military Spokesman in Anbar discusses the role of Iraqi women who […]

General Petraeus’s Last Letter to the Troops in Iraq

“You have been builders and diplomats as well as guardians and warriors.” . “Your accomplishments have in fact been the stuff of history.” .

Obama Spurns Victory in Iraq

Thursday night, just before John McCain addressed the GOP convention, Barack Obama appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s program for an interview.  Here’s the segment on Iraq: O’REILLY: I think you were desperately wrong on the surge, and I think you should admit it to the nation that now we have defeated the terrorists in Iraq, and […]

Recruiting Quotas Exceeded – The Military Is Not “Broken” or “Strained”

The media herd doesn’t report recruiting statistics when the news is good. But we will. The Services just released their recruiting statistics for July and all of them met or exceeded their quotas. In addition, the Army, Navy and Marine Corps have met or exceeded cumulative retention goals for the Federal fiscal year that ends […]

Ich bin ein Pretender

It is now clear that the purpose of Barack Obama’s Berlin speech was to portray himself as a Churchillian visionary, ready to lead the world in a new march toward universal liberty. But his record is one of a cynical politician who subordinates all values and priorities to partisanship and to accumulating political power. Obama […]

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