Obama Campaign’s Stunning Arrogance

By the Obama Campaign’s tortured reasoning, Senator McCain’s experiences in combat, as a POW, and on the Senate Armed Services Committee somehow leave him “untested and untried,” and less qualified than to be Commander-in-Chief than Obama who has no military experience at all, and thus is absolutely “untested and untried.”

Obama’s September 10 Missile Defense Policy

Barack Obama promises: “I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.” . Of course, all weapons were at one time “unproven.” The slingshot was “unproven” until someone invested the time and effort to experiment and develop the idea. Missile defense is simple in concept. If an enemy launches a missile at Washington DC or […]

The Soldiers Psalm

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Obama Pledges Cuts in Technology for Soldiers

The Classic Liberal alerted us to this video of Barack Obama promising to save Billions in “wasteful spending” by eroding the effectiveness and capability of the US military, including this pledge: I will slow our development of future combat systems. We thought Liberty Works readers should know what the Senator was referring to. Future Combat […]

Obama Disagrees With “Sensible Justices” Again

For the second time in two days Barack Obama sides with the “wrong” Supreme Court Justices. . For nearly a century the prevailing legal interpretation of the Second Amendment, invented by anti-liberty leftists in government and academia, has been a contrived fiction. This interpretation held that the Amendment did not protect an individual’s right to […]

Obama at Odds With “Sensible” Supreme Court

Barack Obama was for the Supreme Court’s three most liberal Justices before he was against them. . Senator Obama has criticized Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Scalia, Roberts and Alito as “the wrong kind of judges for the Supreme Court.” In the video Obama is asked what sort of person he would appoint to the Supreme […]

Sanctimony You Can Believe In

Barack Obama promises the only new cars available for YOU to purchase will be tiny enough and light enough to get 50 miles per gallon. .

Gas Pump Jive Part II: “Obscene” Windfall Profits

For decades government imposed laws and regulations have made exploration and drilling for oil here in America almost impossible. Politicians, especially Democrats, but including some Republicans, have long submitted to lobbying by anti-liberty leftists who invoke “the environment” to justify forbidding domestic energy production. The political elite rejects reasoned debate and rational policy for insipid […]

Heroic Marines The Media Herd Didn’t Notice

This is a three minute video report about United States Marines who are embedded with Afghanistan Army units to provide assistance, training and advice. Every day these amazing young men win local hearts and minds, one at a time. The Marines are respected and admired by the Afghan soldiers. These young Marines will turn more […]

Barack Obama: Flip-Flopping for Dollars

Today, Barack Obama reneged the pledge he has repeated for two years, to accept public financing of his election campaign. The original promise of government funding of Presidential campaigns was to limit the amount candidates could spend, supposedly to “get the money out of politics.” A candidate who accepts federal funds also agrees to limits […]

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