About Trump’s “Rocket Man” Nickname for North Korea Dictator Kim

Donald Trump’s political strategy includes insulting nicknames for his adversaries.  Mostly they’ve been cringe worthy, schoolyard taunts like Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary, or Little Marco. But for North Korea’s ruthless, barbarian dictator Kim Jong Un, the President has risen to a respectably subtle and sophisticated level.  He calls Kim “Rocket Man,” the title of one […]

Trump Sincerely Seeking Racial Unity VS The Left Seeking Rancor

Democrats and the their dedicated media team labeled Donald Trump a racist as soon as he announced his campaign for President in 2015.  But all Republicans face the same charge, so it wasn’t particularly noteworthy.  But after the August 12 Charlottesville riots there was greater intensity with politicians and media figures ceaselessly accusing him of […]

Trump Can Not Be Prosecuted for Obstruction

Whether Trump was, as Comey “felt” issuing an order to end the investigation into Michael Flynn or only hoping it would end he can not be prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice